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  1. Bob Hope

    Bob Hope's [Historically correct Coasts and Rivers] Blank Maps
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    A small run of base-maps with the correct river courses and coastlines; With thanks to @Sharklord1, @James the AH Fan, @Admiral A. Kolchak and @Drex. The Rivers are based on the work of the Q-Bam Geographic Maps Thread and the American Rivers map of @Drex, other rivers are my own but will be...
  2. Rivers and Watersheds Thread

    Robert Szucs, from Birmingham, says he was inspired by 'boring' nature of textbooks to make something exciting. Every river basin is represented by a different colour, which is contrasted with a dark, black background. Could be useful in the BAMing process. Might not work for anyone, but for...
  3. WorldA with Rivers?

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has a copy of the latest blank WorldA map with rivers on it. I lost mine when my computer shat itself. Cheers.