1. A Better Rifle at Halloween
    Threadmarks: A cancelled order

    June 15th 1914, London. Two men looked down at the telegram, their faces showed a mixture of apprehension and concern. “that’s it then, we are dished” said the first, “not dished but perhaps significantly discommoded” said the second. The two men were the managing partners of the Farquhar-Hill...
  2. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    A State of Cornhuskers and Riflemen: WI the Hoosier State implemented the Hythe Method before (or during) the American Civil War?

    I know that the American Civil War is probably quite a bit overdone on this site but hopefully this is a unique premise and twist as I've been pondering about making a timeline out of this down the road. Anyway, I figured that while the idea is fresh, why not have a discussion about feasibility...
  3. Petike

    Plausibility check: Repeating rifles with pump action instead of bolt-action ?

    This might sound like a silly idea to some of our gun experts, but... What if a pump action mechanism became popular enough in an ATL to be used not only for shotguns, but for repeating rifles as well ? And when I say repeaters, I mean both civilian and military issue ones. How, for instance...