1. Happers

    Shia North Africa

    For the past few weeks I've been very interested in the Fatimid Caliphate. As far as I can tell they were very lenient on other religions and sects which really didn't allow their religion, Shia Islam to spread. So, could the Fatimids have somehow spread Shia Islam in North Africa? With this...
  2. AHC: Maximize the Conversions and Peaceful Spread of Christianity Before 7th Century

    This is exactly as I propose above. This idea comes from when I look at places such as Ethiopia, Syria, or Armenia, who had polities or populations that adopted christianity and made it a part of their culture as opposed to having a colonial power impose its culturally informed faith upon them...
  3. Germanic paganism forming a formal religion.

    How could this happen, and what would result? What would this religion look like (structure, values)
  4. Angel Blaise

    Monotheistic worship of Neith the Ancient Egyptian Goddess

    The Ancient Egyptian goddess Neith seems very interesting. How could a religion with Neith as its monotheistic god emerge? Where might it grow and thrive? The Cult of Isis, for example, spread to Rome. A syncretic religion of some sort is okay, as long as God is referred to as Neith (and as...
  5. Religion Without Islam

    I know there have been a few no-Islam threads here before, but I thought it might be quicker just to ask. What would the religious makeup of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia likely be without Islam? How far would Christianity likely spread, if at all? Let's assume Muhammad dies...
  6. MrP

    AH Challenge: Alejandro Jodorowsky, religious prophet

    Alejandro Jodorowsky is well-known in the AH community, being responsible for one of the most fascinating what-ifs in the history of cinema, namely his aborted film adaptation of Dune. Turns out he is quite the Protean figure: As anyone who has seen the engrossing documentary Jodorowsky's Dune...
  7. Tripledot

    WI: Emperor of Japan Converts to Christianity?

    Okay, I was thinking about this because of the ASB thread that supposes a majority Christian Japan after WWII. What if the Japanese Emperor converted to Christianity? I have three main scenarios: 1. During the Sengoku Jidai, the emperor converts to Catholicism. Perhaps a Catholic daimyo forces...
  8. Happers

    Hinduism Beyond India

    How could Hinduism expand beyond India and a few Indonesian islands? I was thinking if Buddhaism never existed then Hinduism could go further but I could be wrong their.
  9. water123

    AHC: Largest Possible Biblical Canon

    With a POD after the death of Christ, make the cannon of the Bible to include as many works as possible. My thought is to have it determined that the Holy Spirit inspires the text as you read it, thus what may seem like heresies might just not be inspired portions. Thus, you can throw in the...
  10. DBWI Atenism Doesn't Form

    Now Atenism is the world's oldest Monotheistic religion, and besides Tengriism and Hinduism is the largest denomination in the world. It was the first mass appealing religions to ever come about, and probably the most important one to form in the west. It was likely the source of other such...