1. GameBawesome

    Christianity in a surviving Aztec Empire and Inca Empire

    So, this is a topic I've seen pop up from time to time, and there is much debate to it. In this hypothetical scenario, in this timeline, Cortez fails to conquer the Aztec Empire, and Pizarro never goes off to conquer the Inca, and both native empires survived Spanish colonialism and never fall...
  2. MegaPrem

    Religion in a British America

    If the American Revolution did not happen, what would the religious climate of the 13 colonies look like? Would Anglicanism remain dominant in the South, or would Evangelicalism still become predominant in the South and the Frontier?
  3. WI: The Catholic Church Resurrects The Pentarchy (Or Creates Its Own Version)

    The Pentarchy was once a structure of five Christian churches in Rome, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Constantinople that governed the faith. But it fell apart after the Muslim invasions and the Catholic-Orthodox Schism. However if the Vatican is ambitious enough or if certain...
  4. GameBawesome

    Save one Pagan Religion to the modern-day

    So, in the Ancient Past, before the rise of Monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Islam, many states such as Persia, Egypt, Rome, all worshiped various gods and goddesses, that by the modern standard, are considered Pagan. When Christianity and then Islam rose, these ancient religions...
  5. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: Khomeini's letter to Gorbachev had a wider impact?

    In January 1989, the Ayatollah Khomeini wrote an open letter to Mikhail Gorbachev. In the letter, Khomeini applauded Gorbachev for recognising the need for reform within the USSR and for supposedly seeing the ways that Marxism was insufficient as an ideology. However, he warned that, the way...
  6. ChadMachine999

    Mormon America

    With a POD at 1900 make America be a Mormon majority country.
  7. WI :Christian worship collapses in the USA over the 20th century. What replaces it?

    So for whatever reason Christianity collapses in the united states over the 20th century, excluding atheism and the worship of capitalism (like in the OTL), what replaces it? I could see it going from an existing religion like Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism, though to more eccentric...
  8. Klan Churches?

    I've recently been researching the Nation of Islam and other similar groups and I got curious; what if the Klan formed an organization/organized in a manner similar to the Nation of Islam? When could that happen, what would it's beliefs and theology be, what about it's rituals and practices...
  9. PC: United States National Pantheon

    While extremely unlikely to become mainstream without a totalitarian state to enforce it, would it be possible for some US Theologian or other discipline in the interwar period to believe that Christianity to be ancient old-world relic invented by the Jews to make whites effeminate socialists...
  10. Count of Crisco

    Favorite random nation, culture, ethnic group, or religion?

    Do you have a secret love for the Norte Chico civilization? The Luwians? The Bo people maybe? How about the Ket? Or another random people that you think deserve more attention or are underappreciated by the community? This is the thread for you then. The way this works is simple. Tell...
  11. DBWI: What if Jesus of Nazareth's teachings became a religion.

    What if, instead of Baptist John's teachings, Jesus of Nazareth's teachings became the main tenets of the west.
  12. WI/AHC: Rise of Sabbatianism

    In 1648, a Jew named Sabbatai Zevi declared himself the long-awaited messiah. He gathered many followers in a short time. In 1651, the rabbis expelled Sabbatai and his followers from Smyrna. .... Today, Sabbateanism is the 3rd most widespread religion in the world. Fill in the gaps.
  13. Emperor Max

    No Justin Martyr

    To my knowledge you wouldn’t get Tatian, the Diatessaron and probably no Clement of Alexandria. How would the Christian world change if Justin Martyr either didn’t exist or stayed Platonist?
  14. Areas and Peoples that can pull of an “ Islam” than Arabia

    Basically a preacher or a prophet takes over an area and his successors embark on a rapid expansion spreading the teachings the teachings of their Prophet or the founder of the religion of their religion along the way . Minimum PoD is 476 AD and maximum is 1600 AD. Edit; Interesting this post...
  15. Question about the ramifications of alternate europe

    In my timeline, by the year 1550, the ottoman empire also controls italy and estern iberia since they allied whit Hungary and Venice since both of them fought against expentionist France which now unified and became the Angevin kingdom. I know this lacks context but I was wondering how religion...
  16. How Will Culture and Society Look in a Buddhist Medieval Europe?

    Point of departure--the Emperor Justinian declared Buddhism, not Christianity, to be the religion of the state.
  17. Xænder

    Stronger Essences of the Old World- An Antique Late Antiquity
    Threadmarks: Romans and Latins

    Stronger Essences of the Old World An Antique Late Antiquity ATTENTION, probably it will have bad grammar and orthography. I am still learning English. Also this is my first TL! The Legendary Restoration of Gens Mamilia As the year 258 AUC aproaches, later would be renamed as 496 BC. What...
  18. FernandoPerla

    Protestant France

    What if the Huguenots had won the French Wars of Religion? How do you picture France and the world from those times onward?
  19. GameBawesome

    AHC: Philippine folk religion becomes a national religion of the Philippines

    OTL, in the early days of the Philippine Revolution, there was proposals to revive the indigenous Philippine folk religions, and maybe even make it the national religion. It came to nowhere, as the focus at the time, they were at war with the Americans. Challenge: Have the Philippines after...
  20. GameBawesome

    A Great Awakening the CSA?

    The Third Great Awakening is a historical period saw religious activism in American history that lasted from the 1850s to the early 20th century. It gathered strength from the belief that the Second Coming of Christ would occur after mankind had reformed the entire earth. It was strongly tied...