1. Optimize German Army for WW1

    The German Imperial army IOTL was very volatile and powerful as it stood, not only in technology but in pure numbers as well as organization, however it can still always be improved upon, especially if given appropriate PODs. With a POD of no earlier ghan 1900, what can you do to optimize and...
  2. How could've the Imperial German Army fixed its inefficiencies before WW1?

    It's very known that the Imperial German army suffered very big inefficiencies such as a lack of mobilization capabilities, proper inspectorates and many more problems. How could've they been fixed before the outbreak of WW1?
  3. Thousand-years of greater Reich of Alvarez - A 'realistic' alternative world scenario

    World War 3 Before the war (1945-1950), After the end of the Second World War with the economic crisis that the world suffered at the end of the war, the reich took advantage of this economic crisis to develop and begin to strengthen its armies to go to the conquest of the world with the...
  4. AHQ: Foreign policy of a Control Faction - ruled Reich

    Hi again and welcome to another thread touching upon the form of a victorious German Reich after the Second World War where the Control Faction of the NSDAP (Bormann and his minions) have emerged victorious. (end of introductory cards) At least as far as I am concerned, despite my research, I...
  5. GMCocktail-Adrenaline

    W.I. Hitler’s Daughter had created the Fourth Reich in Russia? (Translation and wiki-links provide by me) If Zinaida Popova was 82 years old when she died in 2015, it means that back in the 1990s she was only in her 50s. Between early 1990s to about mid-2000s there was fear of white-supremacist ‘Hail Hitler’-type Nazis...
  6. AHC/WI: German Raj (German India) in 18th Century

    Rather than the British ruling whole of India, what if Germany or predecessor German state have managed to conquer and rule India instead? However, was it really plausible and can be done?
  7. Xanthoc

    Flag Challenge #152 POLL

    FLAG CHALLENGE #152: Reich Dead Redemption The unthinkable has occured. The National Socialist German Reich under Führer Adolf Hitler, alongside his Axis allies, have won the Second World War. Now fastfoward to 2016, in which that Reich, and that Axis of Evil, has reformed. This is the...