1. Vertci

    The Manchurian Candidate: Asia and the Wider World

    After months upon months of planning, plotting, working and hiatuses of various length, I'm very pleased to be kicking off my first fully fleshed out timeline, The Manchurian Candidate: Asia and the Wider World. This thread will serve as the centerpoint of my timeline and the continuining...
  2. Gukpard

    Could PuYi turn into some kind of chinese Dalai Lama or Reza Shah?

    In OTL two figures got overthrowned on events that led to the rise of brutal regimes, the Dalai Lama when Tibet was occupied by Maoist China and the Pahlevi that got overthrowned by the iranian theocracy. However, it must also be said that Dalai Lama had a very.. antiquated mindset, as serfdom...
  3. What if Cixi didn't die in 1908?

    If Cixi didn't die in 1908 and let Puyi as her successor, how would she react to the general discontent of government rule during the revolution? Would she decide to abdicate power or try to fight the rebellion?
  4. Gukpard

    AHC: Keep the empire of Manchukuo standing until today.

    The Empire of Manchukuo was a japanese puppet state and the continuation of the Qing dynasty of China in Manchuria, as most of you know, under the control of Emperor Aisin Gioro Puyi until it was overrun by the soviets in 1945 and given to the PRC. Your objective is to have Manchukuo to...
  5. Bomster

    WI: Yuan Shikai is executed in 1908

    I read somewhere that supposedly the Guangxu Emperor included in his will that Yuan Shikai was to be executed upon his death. This never happened, and Shikai would go on to broker the abdication of the Emperor, leading to the creation of the Republic of China, and it’s fragmentation due to his...
  6. Bomster

    AHC: Give Puyi back his throne!

    The last emperor of China was swept away from his throne as a child, and conspired with the imperial Japanese to try to reclaim it. Doesn’t matter what POD you use, whether it be the survival of the Qing Dynasty or a restoration, make Puyi emperor again!
  7. Gukpard

    Does this surviving Manchurian empire looks accurate?

    It has been taken from the Fatherland mod for Darkest hour, while it is a game, I think you will be interested. Here their description: When the honorable Kwantung Army crossed the Yalu in 1931, no one would have thought that the entire future of Japan would rest in these provinces. In these...