1. shearsforest

    HUMBER CALLING - A 1970s-80s British Music Timeline
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    “I know Sasha, whatever her real name is, wanted to introduce us to her boyfriend like we were some bedtime story, some podcast to get him caught up before they got to Jasp's concert. But this... holy hell do they skip out on a lot of crap.” Former Medusa band member JANET HAINSWORTH to the...
  2. Carpenter's Hammer: When Karen went Punk. A Hensonverse TLIAW
    Threadmarks: Chpt I: We've Only Just Begun

    [Fade In] Haunting orchestral music plays faintly over a field of black. One by one video clips fly onto the screen, take precedence up front, then fall into the background, each sequentially taking a random spot on the screen, top, bottom, left, or right, stretched out towards the back, slowly...
  3. The various *-punk eras in the former East Bloc and the Soviet Union

    How do you think the various eras of aesthetics, technology and social mores, whose categorizations have been given the names of Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, Cassette Futurism, and Cyberpunk in modern Western pop culture and literature, can be applied to the 20th century Soviet Union and the...
  4. coffeebreakcigarette

    AHC : Technology Advanced As Ridley Scott's Blade Runner & Alien By The 1980s/1990s Or Like Fallout 1,2,3,4

    With a POD starting the first of January 1900, you have to make a world where technology is advanced like the 2020s of Ridley Scott Blade Runner and/or Alien or like the Fallout series. Excluding replicants.
  5. Oppo

    AHC: The Sex Pistols kill rock

    Johnny Rotten has said that the goal of the Sex Pistols was to kill rock and roll for good. The legendary group spawned moral panic and led to the rise of punk rock. Somehow, can we get the Pistols to destroy a genre that, while in decline, has survived to this day?
  6. Sirion

    Aspects of a 1970s-punk world?

    I’m referring to @B_Munro’s Defunct Futures for a project I plan to do later down the line, though I’d like to use other potential ideas and concepts that people from the 1970s envisioned in the future. So what is there?
  7. 90s Tropes

    So I'm making a fun 90s-punk or 'Post Soviet Punk' map, where the world basically hasn't moved forward from the 90s; the former Soviet Union is still a mess, the Congo Civil War is fast becoming one of the longest wars in history, tensions between Native Americans and the American and Canadian...