1. Tomislav Addai

    URHAFAH: Universal Historical Atlas For AlternateHistorians

    Hello folx an idea recently came up to my mind after seeing @Drex´s post on the QBaAM Improvement thread ( Why not make a standardized atlas of the world, to include the political, cultural and...
  2. Tomislav Addai

    Religious M-BAM project

    The Religious map was done almost completely by me (though not completed, lacking Volga Federal District, most of China, Subsaharan Africa and South America. As @Redcoat was asking, is there support for such a project like this one? The basic resources : The Universal Religious Colour Scheme...
  3. The VT-BAM Project Supplementary Resources

    This is in relation to @VT45's VT-BAM Project. This is to help @VT45, @Klime and many others with the project. The municipal details will flood the forum, but I am not claiming any one of them, just making it easier for anyone who wants to make the claims. So far, Europe has been claimed, as...
  4. Kaiser_Jaeger

    Help Me Wank

    Ill be posting ideas in this thread for who I should wank and who I should screw in my upcoming world-wank map.
  5. The Pieman

    Color scheme project

    This is for everyone to create a color scheme for everything. This is going to be based off previous colour schemes so it will not be too different. This is to create a colour for EVERYTHING. From usual countries to historical nations to states to not real countries to political parties to...
  6. KuboCaskett

    Military Projects Cancelled by the End of the Cold War

    As I'm working on a story that involves the Cold War still continuing into the 21st century, I need to know about some projects that got cancelled by the OTL end of the Cold War. Already I know of two projects that got canned, namely the G11 Caseless Assault Rifle something and the A-12 Avenger...