1. TheDetailer

    AHC: Civil Rights wank

    (I wasn’t sure where to put this so I decided pre-1900.) From 1865 onwards (or sometime earlier if you want too) and beyond make the Civil Rights movements and other similar progressive movements relating to civil and human rights (African Americans, women, native Americans, Asian Americans...
  2. WI: Labour Party instead of Progressive

    Let’s say that Roosevelt in the aftermath of the McKinley Assassination but before he died (he stayed more than a week in the hospital before his death) and John Hay takes the office, a more conservative politician than McKinley and strongly anti-labour-union, harming the relations with the...
  3. Taunay

    WJB Victory in 1896

    Although very unlikely, it wasn't impossible for that to happen, so what if he had flipped a few states and won the election? What would be the impacts on economics, race relations, foreign policy (Especially the Spanish-American War) and the 1900 Election? Does that butterfly away the...
  4. Viva Kennedy: Rise of the Modern Democratic Party
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Viva Kennedy is an Alternate Timeline in which President John F. Kennedy does not pass away on November 22nd, 1963. After the assassination attempt, Kennedy's popularity skyrocketed, from his lowest approval rating ever at 58% in late-1963 to a resounding 78%, the highest its been since the...
  5. Ike Dodges the Draft, Or How We Got a Three Party System
    Threadmarks: 0: The Election of 1952

    "Branching off points, Doctor?" The young lady considered this for a moment. "Like if you went back in time and shot Hitler when....well, maybe when he was a baby, maybe a little older?" The Doctor, still bent over the cadaver, scoffed a little unkindly at her. "Of course, if you want to pick...
  6. The British President

    Who would be nominated to the Supreme Court under Progressive presidents.

    I am currently working on Book II in the what-if everything went right series, focusing on Roosevelt winning in 1912. I have hit a snag however and would Like to ask. Who would Roosevelt and subsequent progressive governments in the 1920s and 1930s nominate to the supreme court? Below are the...

    Legacy of the Bull Moose; A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction to Legacy of the Bull Moose

    Welcome to 'Legacy of the Bull Moose' a timeline I hate rebooting but feel myself constantly going back to. Legacy of the Bull Moose is a timeline in which Theodore Roosevelt is elected in 1912 under the Progressive ticket. While rather improbable and I would say generally unlikely I chose a PoD...
  8. PyroTheFox

    Crimson Banners Fly: The Rise of the American Left
    Threadmarks: Title: Crimson Banners Fly I & Table of Contents

    Author's Notes: "Crimson Banners Fly" is an alternate history timeline set at the turn of the century, at the precipice of momentous change for the United States. This will be a re-imagining of an older timeline of mine from around 2015/6 called "Paint it Red" (posted only on the Atlas Forum)...
  9. WI Progressive Obama

    When Barack Obama appeared on the political scene he was tabula rasa. But basically he was a mirror a political chameleon, in whom every group saw what they wanted to see. After being elected he showed that he was a neoliberal. And after his presidency his true loyalties were displayed to all...

    Legacy of the Bull Moose (A What If Scenario if Theodore Roosevelt won in 1912)
    Threadmarks: A New Dawn; The Tumultuous Times.

    October 16, 1909 A day that would leave in its wake 4 years of chaos at home in the U.S. and many years of chaos in Mexico. The first time a United States president would visit Mexico, with an end result flaring the tensions between the two nations drastically. A monumentous occassion, but that...
  11. Padric1938

    Robert Lafollette becomes president in the 20s?

    Would it be possible that instead of the conservative Republicans like Harding and Coolidge, progressives like Lafollette and Hiram Johnson take control? Would it be possible, or will the bitter taste of teddy’s 1912 run still turn off republican delegates to a progressive candidate?
  12. Duke Andrew of Dank

    My own US TL Planning Thread

    Simply put, I have been pondering several ideas for a USA TL timeline of my own. So far, I intend to include: - Racial Integration happening in the 1800s. - The British Empire evolving in to the Commonwealth sooner than OTL. - An alternate World War 1 with the US entering sooner. - A possible...
  13. What If Theodore Roosevelt Won in 1912?
    Threadmarks: Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive): Term Two-1913-1916

    1912 Election The United States presidential election of 1912 was the 32nd quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 5, 1912. Progressive Theodore Roosevelt unseated incumbent Republican President William Howard Taft and defeated Champ Clark, who ran as the Democratic Party...
  14. Padric1938

    1912: The Progressive Century

    Roosevelt and his campaign managers huddle around the radio. After months of Campaigning around the country, it’s finally time for America to decide who they want for president. And after hours of casting votes the results are in....... Teddy Roosevelt beats Taft and Wilson, and becomes the...
  15. Bomster

    AHC: Keep the Republicans “the party of Lincoln”

    Using any POD you want after 1900, try to keep the Republican Party from becoming conservative, and make it a Progressive-Liberal party. Basically make both parties the inverse of what they are IOTL.
  16. NapoleonCorinII

    Plausibility Check: Could the Progressives win 1912

    Exactly what the Tin Says. Theodore Roosevelt went from avoiding the 1912 election to Creating the major opposition party of the election. I just have to ask, Can he win The election?
  17. AHC: Make the Progressive and Dixiecrat parties of 1948 permanent

    Like the title says. Make Wallace's Progressives and Thurmond's Dixiecrats a permanent party existing today.
  18. The Ruins of an American Party System, Part One: Implosion

    So, this is the revised version of my timeline, The Ruins of an American Party System, with Part One being now subtitled “Implosion”. This thread is for the revisions, please DO NOT COMMENT HERE, all comments about the original timeline or about the revisions can be posted in the the original...