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  1. The Gybson Boy

    Prince Alfred became king of the United Kingdom

    As the title says, sometime in 1845 Albert Edward, Prince of Wales catches a childhood illness and dies, his younger brother Prince Alfred is now the heir to the British throne, let's say he lives at least a decade longer than OTL, become king and eventually die in 1912 after a reign of 11...
  2. Frankie Goes to the Hofburg, or Napoléon II, Regent of Austria?

    This is based on a discussion I had with @The_Most_Happy @VVD0D95 @Fehérvári: OTL Emperor Franz I had no living grandkids until the birth of the future emperor Franz Joseph. However, both he and his wife (Karoline of Bavaria), were very attached to their grandson, "Frankie", the duke of...
  3. WI: Prince Albert lived as long as Queen Victoria

    What would be the effects in British history and culture if the Prince Consort had lived around the same age as Queen Victoria (just as both were born in 1819 within a month of each other, both die in 1901 within a month of each other)
  4. AHC: Earlier "Prince Consort"

    During the medieval and renaissance eras, the norm of Jure uxoris meant that queens had great difficulty in ruling in their own right - in order to have (legitimate) heirs, they had to be married, but to be married entailed surrendering a substantial level of control over their realm to their...
  5. WI: Queen Victoria became interested in Spiritualism?

    WI: Queen Victoria, infamous for her mourning of her husband, the Albert, Prince Consort, developed an interest in the popular 'Spiritualism' movement that emerged in the Victorian Era and tried a séance to speak to him once more? Would she try it more than once? Would she embrace a...
  6. The Lethargic Lett

    WI: British Republic Established in the 1870s Through Royal Deaths?

    Following the death of Queen Victoria's mother and husband in 1861, Victoria went in to a depression fueled isolation, and just barely performed the functions of Queen of the British Empire. This was at the same time that rumours were circulating that the Crown Prince (the future King Edward...
  7. Calcaterra

    WI: Queen Victoria Gave Albert The Title of 'King Consort'?

    What would the effects be if Queen Victoria had named her beloved husband, Albert, as King Consort as she first planned?
  8. Teriyaki

    Queen Victoria Kills Herself Over Albert's Death / Albert Survives His Illness (December 15, 1861)

    From the time that Victoria and Albert met, the two were a true love match, a rarity in royal circles. Albert and Victoria worked on many things together, including the abolition of slavery and education reform. Albert also managed the Queen's household and accounts. In 1857, he was given the...
  9. What if Queen Victoria was assassinated?

    On the 10th June 1840 Edward Oxford attempted to assassinate a four month pregnant Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, however he missed and all three survived. There are seven possible ways the assassinated attempt may have played out. 1.Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their four...
  10. Jessaline

    WI: Prince Albert died just after Princess Victoria was born?

    Would Victoria, only having been married to Albert for about two years, be less heartbroken? Or would she mourn him as she did in her later years, never remarry and when she died in 1901, Victoria the Princess Royal would be crowned Queen? If she went into such a deep depression at the start of...