president of the united states

  1. JustinianTheGrand

    AHC: Do a "Joe Steele" with any US president.

    It has become a fairly common trope for Joseph Stalin's parents to move to the united states and then Stalin is born in america and eventually becomes the president of the United States and turns it into a dictatorship. Now comes the challenge, have any united states president born after 1860...
  2. AH Challenge: President John Randolph

    With a POD after the Louisiana Purchase, make John Randolph of Roanoke President of the United States
  3. JMT

    AHC: President Elvis Presley

    Your challenge is to create a scenario by which Elvis Presley is elected and serves as President of the United States. You cannot use a Point of Divergence after Elvis' return to the United States after his military service, which occurred on March 2, 1960. How can it be done?
  4. AHC: President David Duke

    Your challenge is to elect David Duke to the office of president between 1992 and 2016. The POD can be as early as 1960 to account for perhaps an alternate civil rights movement, because frankly I dont see Duke being elected without more strained race relations by the 90s, but for this I'd like...
  5. I, Victoria Woodhull do solemnly swear

    I, Victoria Woodhull do solemnly swear, That I faithfully execute the office of President of the united states, And will best to my ability Preserve,Protect and defend the constitution of the united states. So help me god. Chief justice: Congratulations Madame President. Group applauses I would...
  6. ZachMettenbergerFan

    WI: Gerald Ford is shot in his second assassination attempt

    I've been thinking about this for a little bit, perhaps a possible timeline. How different would the political landscape be today if Ford was shot on September 22nd, 1975 in San Francisco? If he survived, would that have any butterfly effects on the '76 election? Would goodwill towards Ford...
  7. Jaguars4life

    Another One Bites the Dust, A President Mcormack Open Timeline

    You can add stuff to this story if you want January 2th 1964 2:40 P.M *A CBS Special bulletin screen pops up* We interrupt As the World Turns for a CBS special report *Camera zooms in to Walter Cronkite at his desk* Walter Cronkite:Good afternoon President Lyndon B Johnson suffered a heart...
  8. dw93

    AHC: President Jesse Ventura:

    Your challenge, should you accept, is to make Jesse Ventura, former wrestler and former Minnesota Governor, President of the United States. My guess is that 2004 or 2008 would be the easiest elections to make it happen.