1. MeatPowers

    The German-Czechoslovak War of 1938

    Hitler annexes Austria! MARCH 25, 1938 On the night of March 12, Hitler marched his Heer, the German army, across the border of Austria. The Nazi forces were met with little resistance as they marched to and occupied Vienna. The very next day, the Nazis held a referendum in Austria to determine...
  2. JacobB17

    WI Woodrow Wilson was re-elected and became a Nazi?

    Woodrow Wilson died in 1924 after suffering a stroke a few years earlier. He was seeking a third term at the time of his death, so this scenario explores what could've happened if he survived and was re-elected. Wilson was very racist and, especially in his later years, delusional. It's not...
  3. AHC: Major automotive maker sets up plant in 1930's Greece

    One of the problems for Greece when it went to war with Italy in WWII was it's lack of industrial automotive base. In OTL, different major manufacturers (Ford, Chevy for example) set up plants in different European countries, including in Eastern Europe. Greece is a central location for both...