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  1. The kingdom in the north

    This is a althist thread based around what if Harald Hardrada and claimed the English throne instead of William the bastard. Leading to multiple divergence throughout the globe.
  2. JCC the Alt Historian

    WI: Sweden-Norway gets the Congo instead of Belgium

    I'm not sure if this is true or not, but apparently, the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway was the next country to get the Congo had Belgium not gotten it. Let's say that in an alternate timeline that Belgium's claim to the Congo is declined at the Berlin Conference by the other countries...
  3. JCC the Alt Historian

    AHC: Who gets the Congo in Africa if Belgium never comes to be?

    Let's say that the Belgian Revolution of 1830 fails and the areas of IOTL Belgium remain part of the Netherlands to this day. Fast forward to the 1880s and the Scramble for Africa gets under way. Without Belgium's King Leopold II to claim the Congo as his personal property, which European...
  4. Mister devilfinger

    What if island of Great Britain goes the path of anglo-celtic instead of anglo-normans?

  5. Sarthak

    Which Timeline Should I Write?
    Threadmarks: OP

    After four months, one of my current timeline projects will end, which will give me a new slot for a new one. And considering, I need the time to research, I thought I would ask this question now. So which of these ideas seem most interesting to you guys? 1. The Lost Lands - The Iberians...
  6. AHC: A more widespread Anglicanism

    With any Pod after Henry VIII death in 1547, your challenge is to get England to majority Anglican in 2021 with the latest Pod possible before 1900. Feel free to make the church more Calvinist, High Church, or whatever within reason to accomplish this. Bonus points if you manage to make Wales...
  7. AHC: When was the latest the Executive Office could be Reformed/Replaced?

    Many of us have seen this image make the rounds on Twitter and Reddit (where I sourced) recently and the various threads which have been made because of it (yes, this is another thread based on the picture, now hush): However, one of these proposed amendments has caught my eye: the 1878...
  8. Southern-Less USA 2.0: A Nation Torn Apart

    Hello, I had previously abandoned TL-1828: A Southern-Less USA because I felt like it was just a proto-CSA TL, and I was mostly interested in what a CSA victory would look like at the time as my primary topic of interest on here. However, now that I've moved past that and found that the colonial...
  9. DBWI: Unified Britain?

    It may seem a bit far fetched, knowing the tumultuous history of the island, but is there any chance that Great Britain could be an independent unified state, and if so, how could they change history? Right now it is hard to imagine Britain as anything different than it currently is. The three...
  10. AHC : Europe and Asia swap places in history, Asia-centric world

    Challenge - To make the following occur feasibly. Asia counts as East Asia, South East Asia, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines. The Middle East and Central Asia will be counted as separate for this scenario. 1) Asian conquest and colonization (mass settlement) of all the Americas, Australia...
  11. Mister devilfinger

    What would have happened if the Qing dynasty and the German Empire secretly formed an alliance and joins the triple alliance in 1883?

    What would be the effects of it? How much would it change the world? Source:
  12. Whipidedius

    A name for a new capital city of France

    I am creating a scenario in which Napoleon won the war and Napoleon II, to centralize power, avoid pressure from civil unrest and protect the political center of France from a possible external invasion, decide to move the capital from Paris to somewhere in the geographic center of the country...
  13. WI: President Washington dies of Yellow Fever in 1793

    I was scrolling through YouTube when I came across a clip from the HBO John Adams miniseries where "John Adams rips Alexander Hamilton a new one," linked below. One line 7 seconds into the clip, spoken by Adams, is that "when the scourge of yellow fever is removed from Philadelphia, the...
  14. WI: No German Empire

    Let’s say Germany doesn’t unify in 1871. How would that shape the future of Europe and the world?
  15. AltoRegnant

    AHC: Save The Ottoman Empire

    otl, the period after the Siege of Vienna up to 1918 was bad for the ottomans- repulsed by their catholic rivals, loss of the balkans, greece, and the whole of north africa (not in that order), finally breathing it's last in 1918 for Ataturk to come in and create the modern republic. Your...
  16. The Sun Never Rises: If The Confederacy Won
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Victory in Maryland

    I was originally not going to post this at all until I completed it but then I gave in and decided to post parts of it as I went along. This is a revised version of a timeline I have on the Alternate History Wiki. So here it goes. Note: I acknowledge this is simply an exercise in alternate...
  17. AltoRegnant

    AHC: Make Europe Resemble This Picture By The Year 1900

    Big things: Greater Germany, Super Italy(yes that is italian crimea- the idea of genoa keeping black sea possessions up to italian unification seemed fun), earlier ottoman explosion, french wallonia and ne spain, and swedish victory in the GNW
  18. Pre-1900 pop culture scenarios

    We tend to think of pop culture as a 20th century thing, but the term actually dates back to at least 1818. So with that in mind, I decided to start this thread about potential pop culture scenarios with a POD before 1900.
  19. AltoRegnant

    Name For An Emperor of Britain?

    This is poorly titled but I don't know how else to put it: in germany and russia, we saw the titles Kaiser and Tsar for their Emperors. But what if, through some ASB, or some really powerful leadership before Otto I, britain and ireland united under an Anglo-Saxon king and he declared an...
  20. AltoRegnant

    AHC: Least Racist Colonialism Possible

    With any pre-20th century pod you want, make the European colonial empires as equal as possible to their nonwhite subjects. I imagine that we'd need to limit the slave trade incredibly, to prevent the association of black people with chattel slavery. Not quite sure what to do about the natives...