post cuban missile war

  1. Mr_Fanboy

    Cultural, Demographic, Economic, and Political Evolution of the Unites States after a Cuban Missile War

    My impression is that the consensus on this website is that in a scenario where the Cuban Missile Crisis had led to a full-blown nuclear conflict, the Eastern Bloc would have been knocked back to the Stone Ages and Western Europe would have been left little better, but that the America would...
  2. Potential Conflicts Following WWIII in 1962?

    So I've been on a Cuban Missile War kick as of late. What major conflicts would occur in the 21st century, nearly 50 years after the nuclear exchange and reconstruction?
  3. AHC 45th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile War: What's Next

    This is based on the excellent work done by Amerigo Vespucci in his Cuban Missile War TL: And the so-so work I did to follow up in Voices of Doomsday...