post apocalypse

  1. Potential Conflicts Following WWIII in 1962?

    So I've been on a Cuban Missile War kick as of late. What major conflicts would occur in the 21st century, nearly 50 years after the nuclear exchange and reconstruction?
  2. Emberverse Anthology, Which Culture and Societies would make for a good collection of short stories?

    Aside from the hocus pocus magic which became more pronounced as S.M. Stirling published more novels, there is a general agreement that the first 3 to 6 novels were good reads. Then it went downhill even though I will admit that I have read all of the novels. As mentioned in previous posts on...
  3. Post Apocalyptic Neo Medieval British Isles

    On the 11 November 2018, the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War was celebrated by the global detonation of several EMPs causing the global collapse of the modern world. By 2020, over 90% of the British population has died out and the survivors would birth those who will inherit this...
  4. "Germany perseveres" Survival and rebirth following the twilight war

    following the initiation of global nuclear war and the following desperate struggle by the remnants of the national armies known as the "twilight war". hostilities ebb as the logistics of the modern world break down. at this time we start our story. we get to follow the adventures and...