1. Sarthak

    Custodians of the World: Ottoman Grand Viziers of the Third Constitutional Era
    Threadmarks: 1914 - 1915: Mekertich Portukalian (Armenakan)

    Mekertich Portukalian 14 October 1914 – 17 July 1915 Մկրտիչ Փորթուգալեան ميكيرتيجهپورتوكاليان (Armenekan Party – Supported by the Democratic Alliance) In early 1914, the Ottoman Empire finally managed to get some breathing room for itself. Victory in the Second Balkan War and the recovery of...
  2. The Korean Dawn

    [Self-Removed due to potential rule violations]
  3. The Hillbilly Dictator: The Bjelke Petersen Years and Beyond in New Zealand

    1911: Johannes Bjelke Petersen is born in Dannevirke in the Hawkes Bay Region of New Zealand to a Lutheran Pastor father Carl and homemaker mother Maren 1913 (POD): Due to financial constraints and poor health the Bjelke Petersen family decide not to move to Australia with Carl Bjelke Petersen...
  4. Sarthak

    Osman Reborn; The Survival of Ottoman Democracy [An Ottoman TL set in the 1900s]
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Osman Reborn: The Survival of Ottoman Democracy *** Chapter 1: Preparations for War? *** “The Legacy of the Italo-Ottoman War is one of incredulity in Italy, and one that of pride in the Ottoman Empire, and not without reason. The war did a lot to restore the pride of its citizens in the...
  5. Alex Timber

    Godspeed, John Glenn
    Threadmarks: Houston, We have Lift Off

    Basic PODs 1. Glenn doesn't injure himself in 1964 and goes on to win the Ohio Senate Election 2. Glenn's speech at the DNC is better received 3. Carter chooses Glenn as his running mate due to the above-mentioned reason 4. The Iran-Contra Affair is much more damaging to Reagan and Bush 5. The...
  6. What if the Brexit Party won the Peterborough By-Election

    When Labour MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya was convicted for preventing the course of justice in retaliation to a motering offence in 2017, she was expelled from the Labour party. A recall petition was passed in her constituency, triggering a by-election to determine the new MP for...
  7. Alex Timber

    What if Estes Kefauver won in 1952?

    Let's say that Kefauver was able to win the nomination and Eisenhower, which I recall didn't want to be president, chose not to run for president. How would a Kefauver presidency affect the United States, and more importantly, the World?
  8. Peacock Shah

    President Hugh Scott?

    Gerald Ford reputedly recommended Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott(R-PA) for the vice presidency over himself in 1973. What if Nixon had taken this suggestion and made Scott vice president? How would the Scott presidency go on? How this effect policy for the next few years? Who would Scott pick...
  9. Red Wave: A World Bathed in Crimson
    Threadmarks: Foreword

    Hello everyone, this is my first TL here, so please go easy on me. Red Wave: A World Bathed in Crimson asks the question, "What if the Soviet Union 'won' the Cold War?" Yes, I am aware that TLs that take place during the Cold War are a bit overdone here, but this period of history is my area...
  10. Squidfam

    A stab in the dark: The second German civil war
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Kolibri and Raubvogel

    A stab in the dark: The second German civil war I will before anything else make the following clear: I actively despise Nazism, fascism and any other ideology that espouses similar hatred and endorsement or support of these will not be in any way tolerated. With that hopefully established...
  11. Laws of Civilization | Political simulation game

    Greetings to the comunity of alternatehistory.com !! Was wondering if you would be interested to try the political simulation game I've worked on for the past 2 years called "Laws of Civilization". Basically, the player controls a party, takes part to interviews and runs for election. Once...
  12. WI : Economic-Political-Cultural consequences of unconquered Aztec-Maya-Inca

    Inspired by the thread on Meiji Inca and the Europeans butterflies proceeding from it. https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/can-the-incas-pull-a-meiji.448982/ If we go from the postulate that Cortes and Pisarro are not as lucky as they were in OTL and stretch it a bit further so that...
  13. TheMiddlePolitical

    No Trump No Hillary 2016-An alternate timeline

    This is my first official timeline so If I'm not great you all will know why :D Hillarys scandal happens before her announcement,making her want to focus on it and not the election,Trump just decides not to run.
  14. TheMiddlePolitical

    A Post Lincoln alternate political timeline 1865 onward

    First let me introduce myself (this being my first thread made on this forum) I am a long standing memory of the 270softforum,the make games such as President Infinity and Prime Minister Infinity,I was an active member there for 3 years. I've decided to move onto a new forum that focuses more on...
  15. KuboCaskett

    Effects on geopolitics with no 9/11?

    While we know if one paid attention to various threads about a world with no 9/11 (with say Bin Laden being dead or the plot being discovered prior to the date) is that a lot of the middle east related issues along with domestic ones would get butterflied away yet I feel it would have far...
  16. Frank

    Political E-BAM thread

    Hi there, in this thread I will post all of my progresses in the political E-BAM I am making. Base map made by @Algol Here they are since now!
  17. JwEX

    Me Instead Of You: A Political Timeline

    "In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."-F.D.R. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seriously? You just abandoned your old TL. Yup. I wanna take another go. So what's the...
  18. SanMan64

    WI: Trump 2000 (As a Republican OR Democrat)

    I know Trump ran as a Reform Party candidate in 2000, but what if Trump ran in 2000 as either a Republican OR a Democrat that year. Back then, Trump had more liberal views (he was pro-choice and supported universal health care in 2000 iirc, and had feuds with Pat Buchanan to boot :P) so would...
  19. Katarn

    A Rainbow Fades: How Jesse Jackson Brought Down the Democratic Party - A Wikibox TL

    So... you're trying another TL? Yep. Didn't you end the first one after one post? Yes, but I have a thicker skin now. I replaced it with Adamantium. That is so tacky... Says you. So this one will actually happen then? Definitely. You say that now... It will happen, so sayeth Clint...
  20. The Bending Cross: Birth of the Fifth Party System

    Espionage Act of 1917 Blessed are the Peacemakers by George Bellows, The Masses 1917 The passage of the Espionage Act of 1917 would first be set into motion with the December 7th, 1915 State of the Union address by President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson would ask Congress for the legislation...