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  1. Plausibility Check: The Great Judgement

    The Great Judgement – The Bubonic Plague, which instead of killing 1/3rd, killed nearly 3/5th of Europe. The story is set in the 1740s, where the inability to reliably obtain Gunpowder is killing the United Christian Nations. The surviving Europeans blamed the various strong colonial powers...
  2. GameBawesome

    Plausibility: A community founded by "Witches"

    No, I don't mean actual magical witches with demonic powers. That's saved for the ASB Forum. I'm talking about people just accused of witchcraft. So, context. During the Early- Modern Era, there was a great time of "Witch trials", where people accused others of witchcraft. The most infamous...
  3. AHC/Plausibility Check: Scandinavian America

    Is it possible that there could be a plausible Scandinavian nation in North America that controls all of the eastern half of the US? (canada as well, maybe.) If so, what could cause it to come about? How would it evolve and get independence? Not necessary, but ideally it would have a large mix...
  4. Aluma

    PC/AHC: Delayed WWI - Can Imperial Germany go Nazi?

    One thing I often hear here is that World War 1 was inevitable with the upscaling of german military build-up, the alliance system and everything going around the balkans. Another is that Hitler and his gang would have easily been butterflied away from rising to power if any change were to...
  5. CaptainShadow

    PC/AHC: A hidden blade from Assassin's creed IRL

    So basically, Is this possible IRL? . Could it be used as a PDW for heads of states early on and later spread to the lower classes?
  6. Delete it.

    Delete it.
  7. PC: Asian colonization of Australia

    How plausible is the scenario of one or more Asian powers establishing colonies in Australia before 1788?
  8. Drex

    TL/PC Franco joins the Axis

    This is an essay instead of a proper Timeline, even if it has it's good chunk of text. The main thing with the current TL is, apart from it being unfnished (though pretty advanced, well into 1945) I feel my knowledge on the subject isn't good enough to write a properly detailed TL, hence why I...
  9. PC/WI: India Partition Reversed As Soon As Possible

    Immediately after the partition of India, when’s the most plausible scenario and time that could be reversed? Assuming it was possible for the partition to be reversed and India and Pakistan (both sides) gets reversed, when and how could this happen? How does the history of Asia change as a...
  10. Kayin Dreemurr

    PC: Could Mexico have gone the Brazil route for Independence?

    This is just something that randomly popped into my head, and I unfortunately do not know enough of the history to know if there was ever a possibility for such but... Was there any point in time where Mexico could have had a member of the Spanish Royal family take the crown and have it go it's...
  11. The_Russian

    Plausabilitu check, an Orthodox President?

    So we’ve had a catholic president, many Protestant presidents, but is it plausible for there to be an orthodox president? I put this in pre 1900 in case anyone can find a way before 1900. Who is the most likely person? Can it be done in the 19th century? 20th century? Or is it only plausible in...
  12. The_Russian

    AHC/PC: John C. Frémont presidency after 1861?

    So is it possible to have John C. Frémont be elected president after Lincoln gets elected? If how can he become president? Does Lincoln have to live? Or does John C. Frémont have 1856 to become president?