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  1. Walking on the Silver Line: A Valois-Bourgogne TL

    It's time for the long awaited (hopefully) rewrite of my original TL, Kingdom-Building: A Valois-Bourgogne TL. The first chapter will be posted soon.
  2. Kingdom-Building: A Valois-Bourgogne TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Birth of Philip IV of Burgundy

    "Anne of Beaujeu, any good historian says she was the power behind the throne and the reason that the kingdom came to be, but we should not neglect the contributions of the three dukes who laid the foundations for the Burgundian Kingdom." -Josh Tucker (Side note: This man has a really good...
  3. PC: Philip the Good marries Isabella of Lorraine

    EDIT: after some delibiration I have decided to make this thread Plausibility Check instead of What If as it originally was. Probably the updated describtion fits much better to what I want this thread to be compared to the original one. Disclaimer 1: the idea of the PoD does not belong to me...
  4. WI: Charles the Bold Born Female?

    What it says on the lid. Charles the Bold was the only surviving legitimate son of Philippe the Good and his third wife, Isabel of Portugal. But what if he'd been born female? How would this affect the future of the Netherlands as we know it? I mean, Philippe and Isabel were married for the rest...
  5. Burgundy and Byzantium, Pheasants and Philippe: 15th century TL
    Threadmarks: Part I The Beginning

    My first TL, so please be gentle. Please tell me if/what you like. Burgundy and Byzantium, Pheasants and Philippe Or how a Valois became Emperor in the East The year is 1454. Constantinople had fallen to the Ottoman Turk, and the Church in the East had been subjugated. Few still held hope for...