1. A Horn of Bronze--The Shaping of Fusania and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    -Prologue- Eishou-ji (永勝寺), Ishikari Province, 1498 Is this where he lives, Jikken (実顕) thought to himself. The finest and most learned of the Soui [1] is here. Jikken strode the wooden corridors of the temple of Eishouji, glancing eagerly for a sight of him. He had to remind himself he was a...
  2. WI: Yakutian cattle and Yakutian horses adapted wholesale by the Russian Empire? Populated Siberia?

    Yakutian horses and Yakutian cattle are interesting, polar-adapted breeds raised by the native Yakutian people of the Sakha Republic. The Yakutian horse is noted for its adaptation to the extreme cold climate of Yakutia, including the ability to locate and graze on vegetation that is under...