1. ¡La Constitución Vive! - A Spanish parliamentary monarchy
    Threadmarks: Summary of Events

    The origin of this alternate retelling of Spanish (and a bit of the world) history comes from here. In 1766 Carlos, heir to the Spanish throne, dies, and his brother Fernando becomes king of Spain (OTL Fernando I of the Two Sicilies. His son Leopoldo Juan would inherit the kingdom of the Two...
  2. TLIAX: Parliamentary Socialist Egypt
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    1954: The year that the fate of Egypt seems to be hanging on two men, Muhammed Naguib, vs. Gamal Abdel Nasser. The power struggle decided between the struggle between the two men decides two futures: one with the promise of parliamentary democracy vs. an autocratic regime. Finally, through...
  3. Let us all be parliamentary!: An Egyptian Parliamentary Republic Timeline

    Hello folks, This is just establishing a framework for a timeline I am starting on, which is Egypt going parliamentary. Some things will be the same between OTL and ITTL (social justice and a canal being nationalized), but others, including economic liberalization, no dams being built and a...
  4. SavoyTruffle

    AHC: Parliamentarian France, Absolutist England

    With a POD no earlier than 1066 and no later than 1688) (the later the better), make it so that France has a tradition of parliamentarianism as opposed to England being the bastion of absolutism. Somewhat counter-intuitively, I think an English victory in the Hundred Years' War may help.