1. The Adventure by Jayant Narlikar: the only Indian alt-hist short story

    So I was looking for a good alt-hist story centred around India when I came across this one by Jayant Narlikar, who's famous in India as an astrophysicist and author of science fiction, but not someone I'd expect to write alt-hist. Then I read it and found that it was actually science fiction...
  2. A Maratha victory at Panipat (1761)?

    Suppose that the Durrani army fails to cut its Maratha counterpart's supply lines, allowing them to continue to receive supplies and reinforcements. Thus, once battle is joined, the Maratha army scores a decisive victory and kicks the Afghans out of northern India. What happens next? Will the...
  3. No Ottomans No Mughals?

    Would there be a Mughal Empire without Ottomans ? Ottoman cannons, Muskets and their operators headed the battle of Panipat without them would Babur win the battle ? if no then how would this effect Indian history ?
  4. Nassirisimo

    WI India without the Durranis

    Based on my own limited understanding of Indian history, the Afghan invasion of India under the Durranis broke Maratha control of Northern India while leaving something of a power vacuum that spawned entities such as the Sikh states. However, I do remember reading the case on the forum that...