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  1. Sarthak

    Osman Reborn; The Survival of Ottoman Democracy [An Ottoman TL set in the 1900s]
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    Osman Reborn: The Survival of Ottoman Democracy *** Chapter 1: Preparations for War? *** “The Legacy of the Italo-Ottoman War is one of incredulity in Italy, and one that of pride in the Ottoman Empire, and not without reason. The war did a lot to restore the pride of its citizens in the...
  2. Q: Are these numbers for the battle of Maritsa correct?

    I involuntarily stumbled in this article: I took a look at the talk page, but the result doesn't sound plausible at all. I decided to ask to the real experts. Are the said numbers correct? If not, which ones?
  3. Incanian

    My Theory for Ottoman Victory in the Great war concerning Oil

    Before the 1908 Young Turk revolution, Cars, and the tools to make them were banned, only exclusively for the Sultans, and other officials. This ended after the Young Turk Revolution, in which all restrictions to make cars were finally lifted. Ottoman entrepreneurs went straight to trying to...