1. Smallest PoD necessary for Japanese islands campaign?

    What is the smallest change you can make to events in August 1945 that will snowball into the infamous Operation Downfall? Preferably a POD after the Nagasaki bombing.
  2. Earliest Nuclear Weapon or Reactor

    What is the earliest a nuclear weapon or reactor could have been developed? (POD No later than the industrial revolution)
  3. AHC: Nuclear conflict between Western countries

    With a PoD after 31st Dec, 1945, what could lead to two western capitalist "democratic" countries having a limited nuclear exchange? Leave the Second World and Third World out of it if possible. I was just curious to see what would have happened if, say, the US nukes the UK in 1956 or France had...
  4. AHC: Continued Atomic Age/Space Age

    What divergences from OTL would a TL require in which the public viewpoint and government policy of science and technology around the world remains like in OTL 1945 to roughly 1975±5 years. For example: -Western countries and former (or current) East Bloc countries retain a "Nuclear optimist...
  5. AHC: A totally different Nuclear Triad

    In OTL, the nuclear triad includes land based missile silos, strategic bombers, and SLBMs. Is this necessarily set in stone? Could a world with different treaties, superpowers, or technologies have a drastically different set of weapon delivery systems?
  6. Disease propagation after the bombs drop?

    After the nuclear exchange blasts away most of civilization, how badly would disease outbreaks affect the survivor? How widespread would the epidemics be? Which diseases would possibly be the most virulent? Timeframe is post-1983.
  7. WI: Japan Successfully Creates Nuclear Weaponry Before 1945 (Ni-Go, F-Go)

    How would Japan act differently in 1943 and onwards if either it's Ni-Go or F-Go programmes (seperation of uranium-235 by Thermal Diffusion by different teams) yielded results before their eventual surrender? Would they have the means for delivery? What nations/cities? How would this change the...
  8. The Fall A Post Nuclear War Timeline.

    Most of the earth lay dead now empty quiet that only shows the scars of the hell that was brought upon it. If you looked upon the earth now with new eyes that didn’t remember the war you would have sworn that hell had upon up and all of its legions had laid waste upon the earth. In a way you...
  9. Nightingale

    AHC: A 1980s Limited NATO-WARPAC Nuclear Exchange

    With a POD no later than Reagan's inauguration on January 20, 1981, create a scenario in which NATO and the Warsaw Pact enter a limited nuclear war with the only ones getting destroyed: 1. Hard underground military targets such as NORAD and ICBM sites in Montana and North Dakota. 2. Surface...
  10. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL
    Threadmarks: The Footprint of Mussolini - Opening Chapter

    Hey all, never made a TL before, hope this goes over decently enough. Obviously, don't consider any of the statements in the extracts here to neccessarily be similar to my actual political beliefs. Also forgive me by moving quickly through WW2 since I want to focus much more on the Cold War and...
  11. Braden Anderson

    Nukes in WW1

    I know this is ASB, but suppose certain scientists like Pierre Curie lived longer and didn't die early deaths. What would WW1 have been like if nukes had been invented? I think we can assume that it would be invented by either France or Germany, and that it would probably be too heavy to be...
  12. Nuclear plant near-accidents that could've turned into full-blown meltdowns?

    Are there any lists of nuclear plant near-accidents from all over the world that could've turned into full-blown meltdowns?
  13. timepilgrim

    Rex 84: Nuclear War in America (Second Shot)

    No Gods, No Masters, No Peace: This is the end of the world as we know it. This is a reboot of Rex 84, which I was unsatisfied with. I feel that it wasn't researched enough, and so I am giving it a second shot.
  14. Terranical

    1995 Norwegian Rocket Incident Gone Wrong?

    What if the 1995 Norwegian Rocket Incident escalated into a nuclear war? Yeah and this does sound ASB but what if Boris Yeltsin was drunk or really terrified of the incident and actually took orders to fire nuclear weapons, boom civilization is kinda nearly dead?
  15. Terranical

    What's the population of the world if the Cuban Missile Crisis went hot?

    How realistic would the population be if the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated to a Global War which then became a Nuclear War, killing millions of people. Realistically the USSR would fall but the USA would survive but losing majority of it's population, basically losing it's economy and etc...
  16. Whiteshore

    AHC: Have Apartheid South Africa collapse in a civil war

    With a POD after 1960, create a scenario where Apartheid South Africa, instead of the largely peaceful fall which it went through in OTL, "goes out with a bang" proverbially, ending in a bloody civil war. Bonus points if you either get nuclear weapons used in this civil war or the superpowers...
  17. What if the Japanese Invaded Australia in World War 2?

    This youtube video, , claims that if Japan managed to invade Australia then World Two would last longer and the Soviet Union would mange to take over much more of Europe, including the whole of Germany and Italy, and Japan would be spilt into a Soviet puppet north and American puppet south...
  18. ETGalaxy

    DBWI: What if the Entente won the Great War?

    In my opinion one of the most influential and interesting events in 21st Century history was the Great War where the Central Powers fought the Entente. It was the first global war since the 7 Years War and was one of the boodiest wars in human history. We all know that it ended with a Central...
  19. Nuclear Airships

    Lighter than air vehicles (LTAs), blimps, hot air balloons, dirigibles, airships, have a number of advantages over heavier than air vehicles (HTAs), airplanes, helicopters: HTAs generate lift over their surface, but weight over their volume, and so are only efficient at relatively small...
  20. Go4theGusto

    What were the late-20th/early-21st centuries like in the "Fallout" universe?

    I fear that this thread will rely primarily on speculation, but it might be worth discussing since it is (soft, ASB-riddled) Alternate History. There seem to be two schools of thought on the "retro-futurism" of the Fallout series, one being that U.S. culture somehow stagnated in the early 1960s...