nuclear war

  1. GauchoBadger

    How would China react to WWIII in 1962?

    So, suppose that the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 is unresolved and escalates into a direct military confrontation between the US and the USSR. My question is: how will Maoist China react to this situation? The Sino-Soviet Split hasn't yet happened, but Mao already has his doubts regarding the...
  2. El_Presidente

    Middle to Long term effects of a nuclear war in the Middle East

    Okay, so the premise of the scenario is: The Warsaw Pact, through some kind of economic reforms or something like that, hangs on, and the Cold War keeps going (I know it's kind of ASB but that's not the point). China, while friendlier to the West than the USSR, is not to keen to collaborate...
  3. WI: Sino-Indian nuclear war

    Everyone talks of a Indo-Pakistan nuclear war but what about India's other rival, China? They both have nukes and have territorial disputes, so a nuclear war between the two could happen.
  4. Flash Point
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    The nuclear bomb has to be the most powerful weapon made in the history of the world. First tested in Alamogordo, New Mexico on July 16th, 1945, was the first time this power was seen, and less than a month later a nuclear weapon was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan and Nagasaki, Japan during World...
  5. So what would happen in an Indo-Pakistan nuclear war?

    I've seen this bought up at times, though at the times I've seen it it was just mentioned for a brief moment and never mentioned again. So, let's think for a moment and wonder what would happen in an Indo-Pakistan nuclear war. It nearly happened three times: Kargil War, 1999: Great way to...
  6. Brky2020

    Protect and Survive: The Last Game (reboot)
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    Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America The second largest city in the state of Kentucky, Lexington is modest in size compared to most American cities. It has its share of wealth, largely from the horse industry, but that is not what it is best known for. Lexington is in many respects a...
  7. 1983: Information/resources on East and West German civil defense?

    Does anyone have any information on the civil defense resources of West and East Germany in regards to nuclear war? Did they have something equivalent to the UK's "Protect and Survive"?
  8. RiverDelta

    WI: The US exploits the nuclear monopoly to bomb the USSR

    What if the United States used its brief period of complete nuclear supremacy to stop the Cold War before it really started by absolutely annihilating the Soviet Union in nuclear fire? I don't advocate that this is a good idea, but people did suggest it at the time, so I'm wondering what would...
  9. The Abyss-A P&S Story
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    “…well I’d rather be here than in Germany if that’s what your asking” Would he? “Then why are you calling? You’ve never been the chatty type, obviously I welcome the call but just tell me what’s wrong Peter” Peter sighed and dropped his stern senior-NCO act, it was strange dropping the façade...
  10. Aftermath of a 1961/1962 Nuclear war, specifically in Europe? (The West launches the first strike)

    Envision the following, terribly dystopian scenario: In 1961 or 1962, the United States and NATO launch a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union. This could be part of an ATL Cuban Missile Crisis where Operation Northwoods happened, or a larger Bay of Pigs, or it could just be an...
  11. Simeon

    Health Situation in a Full 1980's Nuclear Exchange

    I have read the TV Tropes entry about Threads and seeing the situation of the children, how will the health of the people and the descendants fare in the titular scenario?
  12. Indicus

    AH Vignette: Nothing Left But God

    Nothing Left But God At first glance, this land looks picturesque. I see a beautiful land covered by grass in all directions, with small plants growing from the lush ground. Yet, as I look closer, I see this is no beautiful pristine land, and is in fact quite the opposite. In the distance, I...
  13. CECBC

    WI: China Retaliated for 1999 Embassy Bombing?

    What if China made a more serious attempt to retaliate for the 1999 bombing of their Belgrade embassy? An example could be holding the US ambassador to China, as well as American tourists hostage until the US turned over the pilots responsible. More extreme routes could be sinking a US navy...
  14. KuboCaskett

    PC: Able Archer leads to limited Nuclear exchange followed by conventional warfare?

    While working on how WWIII will develop in my TL while basing it off of Able Archer, I have been pondering about the possibility of a nuclear exchange upon NATO countries followed up by an invasion by the Warsaw Pact (similar to a certain situation in Giobastia's Able Archer TL). And before you...
  15. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    Yes yet another timeline involving World War 3, I will look a certain assumptions what would be targeted during a nuclear strike. I will look at targeting and what factors could drive that targeting. I also am going to look at the struggle that was going on behind the scenes of the Politburo...
  16. AHC: Get South Africa to use its nukes

    What kind of threat or situation would get South Africa to use part or all of its nuclear stockpile?
  17. Wendigo

    Bioweapon usage in the event of nuclear war?

    During the Cold War the USSR spent billions creating engineered, highly virulent and antibiotic resistant bioweapons. At its peak in the 1980s they were able to produce 20 TONS of engineered smallpox ANNUALLY with thousands more tons of plague, anthrax, tularemia, glanders, marburg, Q fever and...
  18. WI: A Soviet Minuteman and Polaris

    The US LGM-30 Minuteman was a real triumph of American science and engineering. So far as I am aware, the Soviets were not able to deploy anything comparable before their collapse in 1991. The Minuteman was cheap, could stand ready with minimal maintenance for extended periods of time, could...
  19. okmangeez

    Hot Potato: A Korean War TL

    Are you freaking serious? About? Northern Limit Line? Hello? You were 95% done and you ABANDONED the TL? Don't remind me. I'm reminding you right now. Ok. Now don't remind me. What about your ASB TL? I updated that last week... And I'm already writing a new update for it. You're...
  20. WI Nuclear War 1962

    What if the Cuban Missile Crisis resulted in nuclear war? What PoD could make this happen? How would a nuclear war go? Would humanity survive? How would the altered history go from there? What would be the effects? What would the world be like today with a nuclear war having occured?