no nukes

  1. A WW3 without nukes

  2. willyvereb

    ATL 1950s without nukes? How much would the world change?

    The Manhattan Project and other researches to weaponize nuclear fission fail completely and atomic bombs are never developed. Nuclear reactors are still made and now they don't have any connection to bombs. World War Two concludes relatively similar to how it did in OTL. The current date is...
  3. Aluma

    Plausibility Check: Microwave replaces the Atomic Bomb

    Hi, I'm a newbie and this is my first post here I'm not a nuclear physicist so I really hope I dont upset anyone, however I've been wanting to ask this a forever ago, so here it goes: As most are aware, nuclear bombs can produce large electromagnetic fields(EMP) that can temporarily render...
  4. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: Britain Taxes Colonies Directly

    OTL, Britain's victory in the 7 year's war was incredibly expensive, and it was in massive debt. So where other colonial empires set new taxes for their colonies from europe, a top down thing, the british parliament wrote the governors of the North American Colonies and basically told them...
  5. Gukpard

    How would be the life on a DDR controlled western germany in a soviet victory scenario?

    The PoD is actually in the 1920s, for some unspecified reason the soviet union begins their nuclear program during early Stalin's era. This is overshadowed by other programs, but it's development continues slowy but unharmed until 1945, allowing the soviet union to have some nuclear power plants...