no norman conquest

  1. WI: Edward the Exile survives

    In 1054, King Edward of England (known to history as "the Confessor") sent Bishop Ealdred of Worcester on an important mission: recall King Edward's namesake nephew Edward the Exile from Hungary and bring him back to England to serve as his uncle's heir. Evidently, negotiations for Edward's...
  2. AltoRegnant

    AHC/WI Surviving North Sea Empire

    Otl, Cnut the great united England, Denmark, and Norway by the mid eleventh century, before the norman conquests. His realm was split between two sons while norway was usurped. But say that it all goes to one son, Harthcnut, and then when Harthcnut dies in 1042, the crown goes to Edward the...
  3. AltoRegnant

    France Without The Norman Conquest?

    In the event of a failed norman conquest, what would the effects on the Kingdom of France be? On the surface we might assume france would steamroll the european continent as seen here and also here, but middle ages france was seriously decentralized, with Brittany, Burgundy, even Provence and...
  4. perdu42

    Threads from "An Old English Tapestry"

    What follows is an occasional series of what is essentially 'flavour text' from my ATL. (Read: I haven't decided how my ATL will be formatted.) The plan is to post monthly. (Read: anywhere from two to eight weeks depending on other RL projects.) Comments most welcome. I hope you enoy. :)