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  1. Friedrich der Große

    Power of The Netherlands with a bigger empire?

    As you all probably noticed, I am really really interested in Dutch history and I am full of ideas for alternate histories about this. Besides, I’m also going to study history on the university. Currently I am working on a United Kingdom of the Netherlands timeline, but I have a new question...
  2. Friedrich der Große

    New Netherland remains Dutch

    So what if New Netherland remained Dutch after the Second Anglo-Dutch War. Let’s say Johan de Witt press harder conditions with the English and so the Dutch regains New Netherland. How would this colony develop, what effect would it have on the Dutch Republic/Empire and what effect would it...
  3. AHC: Wank New Nederland

    Okay, so if you're an American with a slightly-more-than-passing knowledge of American History, you'll know that New York used to be a Dutch-owned city known as New Amsterdam. What you might not know is that it was part of an at least somewhat larger colony known as New Nederland. Of course...
  4. AstroRangerBeans

    The True Divided Nation: History of the World
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    FOREWORD In this pursuit of knowledge, historians have long debated among themselves over the interpretations of historical events. This knowledge finds itself in an existing manner and the grand enlightenment would have been thrived more but there's more making their event as a fact while...
  5. AstroRangerBeans

    The True Divided Nation - An Alternate North America
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    THE TRUE DIVIDED NATION Map of United States and the Confederate States, circa 2018 I just decided to create the thread dedicating two countries remained divided so I want to make a successful worldbuilding project but some states rearranged on borders proposal. There are successful...
  6. Minpen

    WI/AHC: New Netherland Survives to the Present Day

    By survives, I mean survives as either an independent entity, or a part of the Dutch Empire, to somewhere near the present day, and maintains a population that is largely Dutch-speaking. How could that happen. And if that actually occurs, what's next? Does New Netherland become independent at...