1. captain-wacky

    TL85: What if Warner didn't lose its cable networks?
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    "ah sweet, another Warner Bros. AU, as if FoxWarner wasn't enough..." well, let me tell you something… ...this AU is completely different from that one. So... Atari just so happened to get nuked thanks to the video game crash and its licensed E.T. video game IRL. and not only did that crash...
  2. The Clown Prince's Thorned Crown- A 1970s Pop Culture Timeline

    Prologue- The 1970s were filled with many groundbreaking voices, and many of them went to do great work in their respective fields. The entertainment industry was no different. By the time that it concluded, arguably more transformations had happened in Hollywood over the past decade, than...
  3. Interactive Late Night Alternative History- Letterman Accepts the "NBC Latenight" Proposal

    In 1991, Johnny Carson announced his retirement in a year's time from the Tonight Show, where he held the crown of late-night for almost 30 years. Even though it had never been asked to Carson, it was long assumed that he wanted David Letterman, who he put on at the 12:30 slot following his in...
  4. PNWKing

    General Electric sells NBC to Disney in 1993

    So here's a good what if, General Electric sells NBC to Disney in 1993.
  5. Calcaterra

    DBWI: The Tonight Show Goes To Leno

    What would have happened if, after Johnny Carson retired, The Tonight Show went to Jay Leno instead of David Letterman? I don't know how this would happen, maybe Johnny doesn't say anything on the topic or Letterman isn't as forceful, but I just want to know what happens if Letterman, probably...
  6. Electric Monk

    Johnny Carson retires 1987?

    So back in the day Carson was thinking about hanging it up, hit the 25th Anniversary and call it. To the point NBC began making a shortlist of replacement hosts. They probably didn’t need to do that, as circa 1986 the only plausible replacement was Letterman. NBC wasn’t in love with then-guest...
  7. Mr_Fanboy

    Comcast Buys Disney in 2004

    Considering the current Disney/Fox/Comcast corporate drama, I thought that this would be an interesting POD. In February of 2004, Comcast launched a bid to buy The Walt Disney Company. This was during the very nadir of Michael Eisner's tenure as Disney CEO and the second "Save Disney" campaign...
  8. Historyman 14

    Cheers canceled during first season

    Cheers, the popular hit sitcom from the 80s to 90s, was almsot shut down during the first season due to low viewing and ratings, but would survive to become the hit we know and love today, giving us Frasier when it ended. But what it that's not what happen? What if NBC had pull the plug on...