1. Whiteshore

    How much was Nazi Germany's war effort impeded by it's administration?

    While we all know the 3rd Reich was hardly the paradigm of Germanic/Fascist efficiency that the myth claimed it was, how much then was it's war effort impeded by chaotic administration? How much did the system of overlapping military responsibilities and contradictory economic policies harm the...
  2. Whiteshore

    How bad was Nazi administration?

    While we all know that Nazi Germany was a totalitarian dictatorship which killed millions of people, but what I'm asking is how bad was the administrative system of Nazi Germany (in terms of inefficiency and chaotic organization)? How bad was the system of overlapping responsibilities in both...
  3. GauchoBadger

    Situation of Africa in a Nazi Victory Scenario

    So, suppose that Hitler is successful in getting the british out of the war before taking on the USSR. He eventually wins, and manages to create a new german-dominated order in Europe. The japanese aren't so lucky and are defeated by the US and China after hard fighting. What are the...
  4. Whiteshore

    Soviet or Nazi "Cultural Revolution"

    As we all know, the Cultural Revolution was carried out by Mao Zedong to "revitalize" the Communist regime in China (read: regain power) where he alleged that China was being infiltrated by bourgeoisie elements who wanted to restore capitalism and that in reaction, the "Four Olds" and the...
  5. What if hitler didn't take power in Germany but still have nazis?

    what would happen if the nazis took power in Germany but they weren't lead by hitler How would history be different? Who would be leader? Would ww2 happen?
  6. Gold Standard w/o WWII?

    Let's say, with a 1932 PoD, Hitler doesn't come to power and WWII is prevented; what I'm specifically interested in here is how that affects the monetary policy of the world economy at large. AIUI, OTL saw most of the world drop the Gold Standard during the Great Depression; then came WWII...
  7. How Long Would a Victorious Nazi Germany Last?

    If the Nazis had won WW2, they would have taken over large portions of the world. How long would their government likely last before being brought down by revolution or other factors? A dozen years? A century? A millennium? Would there have been war with Japan?
  8. AHC: De-Nazification completely fails

    Under what post-war circumstances could the process of De-Nazification completely fail in allied occupied Germany. (similar to way "Hearts and Minds" failed in Vietnam) Based on your answer, how does it effect the re-building of Western Germany and Cold War diplomatic situation.
  9. WI: The Germans halt their advance to Moscow

    Okay in this ATL, let's say the Hitler and the German High Command realize around Oct-November 1941, they realize that the Soviet Union isn't going to collapse anytime soon as they saw, and halt their lines before even going upon the Soviet capital and then after improving the logistical...
  10. The Silver Knives - American (Counter)Culture in a Democracy/Fascist Cold War? (Discussion)

    Let's leave aside the how. Talking about "How Germany could've won WW2" has become a bit dull, and there are a billion threads about precisely that. For the purposes of this thread, we'll vaguely state that Germany defeated the USSR, and that the US either didn't declare war on the Axis, or that...
  11. AHC: Make Nazi Germany last longer

    With a POD no earlier than the US entry into the war, how long could Germany last?
  12. Happers

    Fascism without Hitler

    Classical Fascists/Italian-style Fascists tend to dislike Hitler calling him not a Fascist, but a curropter of the ideology. Even Mussolini the "Father of Fascism" hated Hitler, he was simply afraid of him, basically forced into an alliance. So, with that said. Imagine Hitler dies in WW1, no...
  13. WI: The Germans aim for Stalingrad in 1941

    Okay, I haven't really seen anyone pose a question on this what if so here goes: What if in Operation Barbarossa it was planned to capture Stalingrad and the oilfields on June 1941? I am aware that resistance in the southern part of the front was especially fierce, but could the Germans hold a...
  14. ArtisticCritic

    Adolf Hitler's I.Q.

    To finish things off, we have Adolf Hitler as the final poll of the subject. Plenty of people simply deride him as stupid, and others regard him as a genius. What the final verdict on this? Was Hitler truly a revolutionary genius who failed the war out of extreme circumstances, or was he...
  15. ArtisticCritic

    Joseph Goebbels' Intelligence?

    Dr. Joseph Goebbels is highly regarded for having stellar intelligence amongst the Nazis. But is it really true? Could his extreme fanaticism indicate that he's really not too smart? Or could his manipulation really point to an extraordinary intelligence? How intelligent was Joseph Goebbels?
  16. ArtisticCritic

    Martin Bormann's Intelligence?

    Time to test Hitler's "Shadow Man", huh? Bormann couldn't be tested for his intelligence because he killed himself before he could be even captured. Bormann's time as Hitler' secretary could show he's very intelligent, or perhaps any common man can be a madman's secretary. So what was...
  17. ArtisticCritic

    Robert Ley's Intelligence?

    Probably the most questionable one. Dr. Robert Ley did not have his I.Q. tested because he killed himself before he took such a test. On one hand, he was known to act like a madman and even Goering commented that he would be an embarrassment at trial. On the other hand, he was reported to...
  18. ArtisticCritic

    Reinhard Heydrich's Intelligence?

    Since I got good results with polling for Himmler's I.Q., I guess I'll find out the intelligence of someone as equally as infamous, Reinhard Heydrich. I reckon that there will be 6 of these in total. I've heard some rumors that Heydrich was even smarter than Himmler was. But I don't know for...
  19. ArtisticCritic

    Heinrich Himmler's Intelligence?

    Heinrich Himmler is, without a doubt, one of the most notorious Nazis in the regime, if not of the most infamous humans in general history. I've always been perplexed on how smart he really is. Some may argue that he's not that smart for being so mystical in his beliefs. Others may argue that he...
  20. WI: Hindenburg Orders the Kaiser's Restoration on his deathbed?

    What would be the consequences for the Weimar Republic if President Hindenburg called for the restoration of the Kaiser as the Head of State (while simultaneously renouncing and abolishing the presidency) on the eve of his death in 1934? And I'm not just talking about a line item in his last...