naval warfare

  1. Athelstane

    Gideon's Folly: What happens when the USS Monitor never shows up for the Battle of Hampton Roads?

    "Infernal Machine to starboard, Captain!" The sinking of USS Cumberland by the ironclad CSS Virginia, March 8, 1862 This week being the 159th anniversary of the Battle of Hampton Roads... Here's a Civil War what-if I'm a bit surprised I don't see discussed much at all. In fact, I'm having...
  2. Kantai Kessen

    AHC: Pre-dreadnoughts beat dreadnoughts

    Create a scenario where pre-dreadnought or semi-dreadnought battleships defeat dreadnoughts in battle. Any time, any navies, any place, any POD or PODs are available.
  3. Chris Triangle

    A Less Than Splendid Little War

    The Eagle and The Phoenix: A Less than Splendid Little War Introduction. (You can skip this if you want to get to the war) The Lead Up to the War Note: I plan to expand this to cover the Cuban revolution in more detail and edit it as needed. The war itself is often regarded to have begun...
  4. SsgtC

    WI the High Seas Fleet Doesn't Mutiny in 1918?

    Ok, so we all know the ultimate outcome: the HSF is destroyed with massive casualties. They were outnumbered two to one and the British had a huge quality advantage as well. But what kind of damage does the Grand Fleet take in the process of killing the German Navy? How many ships will the...
  5. The Rainbow. A World War One on Canada's West Coast Timeline
    Threadmarks: Another tropical port

  6. EnglishCanuck

    WI: The Battle of Terschelling

    A while ago I did a blog post hypothesizing German peace negotiations in 1918, as a part of that I posited that in support of their Victory Offensive they would attempt to lure the Royal Navy into a decisive battle to get a better spot at the peace table. As I understand it, the High Seas...
  7. Why couldn’t the Royal Navy build good battleships?

    I’m pretty new at naval history, but I’m quite puzzled why the British were so far behind others in battleship design by WWII. Their best battleship was the George V class that was badly outclassed by the much larger and newer American and Japanese designs. When HMS Vanguard was commissioned in...
  8. Jim Smitty

    A New Balance, Redux
    Threadmarks: Spanish American War of 1873-75

    The Spanish American War 1873-75 The Spanish American War of 1873-75 started in the aftermath of the Virginius Affair. Secretary of State Hamilton Fish was working to find a peaceful end to this affair with Minister Admiral Don Jose Polo de Bernabe soon after the affair started. As Fish was...
  9. AlanJWhite

    Threadmarks: 1. Arrival on Station

    20:15 local time, 28 March The muffled roar of the Diesels faltered making the hum from the Electric Motors more audible. In the Captain's cubbyhole, the CO rolled onto his back and his eyes snapped open. His left hand reached for the light switch hanging beside his head but paused as he...
  10. From a Battle at Dawn to Sunset of Empire: An Alternate Pacific War

    The War in the Pacific, the battle for supremacy of the Pacific between the West and Japan, was the greatest naval war fought so far by humanity. Powerful fleets steamed thousands of miles to strike at the very heart of their enemies strongholds, while submarines, mines and aircraft brought...
  11. French Conquest of Sicily 1808

    In 1808 a French fleet was supposed to set out from Toulon (it was also joined by the Rochefort squadron, although the Cadiz and Lorient squadrons could not reach the sea, which brought it up to 10 ships of the line) with the objective of winning control of the Strait of Messina for the short...
  12. GauchoBadger

    WI: Philip II fails to take the azores

    IOTL, in the 1580s' War of Portuguese Succession, the Battle of Ponta Delgada was an attempt by the french forces loyal to portuguese pretender Antonio, Prior of Crato, to estabilish a foothold on the Azore islands. The battle was a roughly equal fight, with multiple french vessels fighting off...
  13. AHC: Naval Battle on Lake Tahoe

    With a POD after 1815, have a naval engagement between at least two ships with deck mounted guns (not just people on the decks holding small arms) on Lake Tahoe.
  14. Beedok

    Battleships in Rivers

    So, with the 20th century warships have gotten big. Very big. They are typically too large for rivers. However some rivers are much bigger than others. For instance the St. Lawrence is pretty deep, so a bit of dredging allows large ocean cargo ships to get as far as Montreal. Kolkatta meanwhile...
  15. Gasmask134

    Question on Naval Vessels on Patrol/Convoy Escort Mission during WW2

    I'm having trouble finding anything on this anywhere else so I'd hope I can get some clarification here. When ships or submarines were sent on combat patrols did they have other vessels with them or did they patrol alone until a bunch of them needed to meet up? I know carriers were escorted by...
  16. GauchoBadger

    WI: Ottoman victory at Malta (1565)

    The failed ottoman siege of Malta was the turning point of the ottomans' expansion into the mediterranean. The siege indirectly led to the battle of Lepanto in 1571, which knocked the ottomans for good out of the mediterranean islands. Previous conquests into locations like Corsica and Nice, at...
  17. thezerech

    Maximum amount of damage possible for the Tirpitz to inflict?

    What is the maximum amount of damage possible for the Tirpitz to inflict if she managed to break out of the Norwegian Fjords, and lets say she's undetected at first like the Bismarck.
  18. Jim Smitty

    A New Balance
    Threadmarks: Spanish-American War 1873-75

    The Spanish American War 1873-75 The Spanish American War of 1873-75 started in the aftermath of the Virginius Affair. Secretary of State Hamilton Fish was working to find a peaceful end to this affair with Minister Admiral Don Jose Polo de Bernabe soon after the affair started. As Fish was...
  19. Kriegmarine sorties against invasion of France?

    The idea of the Germans sending the remains of their small surface fleet against an invasion of France is admittedly far-fetched at the first glance, but when given over to closer examination is admittedly a reasonably plausible idea for the Nazis to think up (Very ambitious, suicidal and...
  20. 4th August 1914, Time To Throw Mahan Overboard?

    On the 4th August 1914 19:00, the British declare war and suddenly all the schemes and dreams and hopes and aspirations of the German Imperial Navy are thrown into turmoil. Now in our history we know what happens next. The German's stick to Tirpitz's version of Mahan's vision of naval doctrine...