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  1. Effects of the independent invention of the outrigger canoe by Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest.

    What exactly would happen if the Tlingit, or some other Pacific Northwest Native American people, invented the outrigger canoe independently? I know the Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska already had a impressive record of seafaring with their canoes, and already traded...
  2. Talus I of Dixie

    AHQ: Would the existence of "New World Diseases" impose the existence of societies remarkably good at medicine?

    One topic that is constantly toyed and pushed around is "hey what if the Americas had its own pestilent diseases by the time of the Columbian Exchange?", and well, it truly is interesting to wonder about, but i think it's a question that neglects to deal with the fact that if you consider such...
  3. Mexico keeps its original borders. What happens to the natives there?

    Like it says on the tin. Suppose, for one reason or another, that Mexico doesn't lose Texas, California and everything in between those two places to the United States in the mid 19th century. Would the various Native American peoples be treated differently than they were by Washington as a...
  4. Effects on native american societies of more prolongued contact with Vinland?

    When the Castilians permanently established contact between the old and new worlds, the inhabitants of the americas had several inherent disadvantages, perhaps the most notable being a lack of immunity to old war diseases. But, also of note was their lack of access to horses and livestock...
  5. Aluma

    WI: An Universal Norse Religion on the Americas

    I've seen a couple threads on "Viking Islam" - or to describe it more accurately - scandinavian paganism being reworked into a evangelical religion like Christianity, Buddhism & co Though the focus tend to be, as its often the case, Europe and wheter this religion - should it exist - be able...
  6. Gabingston

    How would non-Western colonizers have treated Indigenous groups?

    This is sort of piggybacking off of the current Christopher Columbus thread as well as my previous thread on Native Americans, but I've actually had this thread bumping around in my head for a while. It is well known that the European colonial powers (plus their successor states) in The Americas...
  7. Dewey Defeats Truman And Saves The Railroads!

    “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN!” the headlines read. In this timeline that is true. My actual POD, though, is not 1948 but five years earlier in 1943 when then-New York governor Thomas E. Dewey came to a meeting of the minds and rapprochement with his OTL political nemesis Robert Taft. The two...
  8. Gabingston

    Where Does OTL Rank For Native Americans?

    To say that the native inhabitants of the New World have gotten a rough deal over the past half a millennium would be an understatement. Up to 90% of the population, estimated to be 50-60 million before colonization died, mainly of disease but also of conquest and brutality on the part of the...
  9. Taunay

    AHC: Less Spanish colonization

    Starting in 1492, what PODs could result in Spain colonizing less of the Americas? You can have some Native civilizations surviving, though due to disease it is likely that some regions would still be colonized as IOTL.
  10. Plausibility Check: A native state in North America?

    Would it be possible, with a POD after 1520 or so, for there to be a native state in North America that resists European colonization? This is an incredibly tall order, of course, given their relatively small population when compared to places like Mesoamerica and the Andes at the time of...
  11. Petike

    Pre-Columbian Native American cultures, PODs and alternate histories discussion
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Greetings, everyone. This thread is a replacement for the apparently concluded thread started in 2019 by Tempered Zen. I intend this thread to be a continuation of that earlier discussion, but in a forum with more impact and with greater longevity. Things to discuss in this thread (friendly...
  12. Light Jammings

    Agricultural Package of the Great Lakes?

    So recently, I've been thinking about a largely sedentary civilization in the Great Lakes. Although, I am not aware of the crops used in the region other than Corn and Squash, as well as some beans (Which were Introduced rather late IIRC.). So, any local plants that can be used by the societies...
  13. The Western Expanse

    A group of other AH fans and I work on an alternate history scenario on Discord and I want to hear your thoughts. It goes as such. Over 100 million years ago, the Farallon Plate subducted at a shallow angle under America. The definite reason why is still a mystery to science. This subduction...
  14. Petike

    Plausibility check: Any realistic way to foster Native American boat and sailing tech on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts ?

    Exactly what it says in the title. What would be the natural barriers to Native Americans developing seagoing boats and seagoing traditions in the Atlantic Ocean ? Winds ? What would be the necessary technological leaps for Native Americans from the eastern coast of North America, or even the...
  15. Petike

    Cross My Heart, This Is My Crossbow: An Allohistorical Tale of Amerindian Arbalists
    Threadmarks: Invention

    Cross My Heart, This Is My Crossbow An Allohistorical Tale of Amerindian Arbalists INVENTION ---- mid 10th century AD, North America, spring ♫ During the first few weeks, he struggled with the sudden twist of fate he now had to live with. Possibly to the end of his days. The medicine...
  16. Where else could the Navajo have gone?

    Believe it or not, the Navajo are believed to have originally been from Eastern Alaska and/or Northwestern Canada, only arriving in what is now the American Southwest around 1400 CE. Where else could they have ended up?
  17. AHC Majority indigenous Peru by the 2000? Pod after Independence.

    The Bolivian census of 2001 ( showed: 60% Indigenous 26% Mestizo and almost 13% white. While the 2017 ( , couldn't find one from the 2000's) Peruvian census give us: 24%...
  18. WI: Native American ironworking

    I recently posted a thread asking why Native Americans never developed ironworking independently. Now I'd like to ask: what if they did?
  19. Why did Native Americans never develop ironworking?

    As far as I know, Native Americans never independently developed ironworking. Why is that?
  20. Odinson

    Triumphant: A Davy Crockett Presidency
    Threadmarks: Chapter One

    Triumphant: A Davy Crockett Presidency A man of the people, David “Davy” Crockett began his career in politics in 1821 as a member of the Tennessee General Assembly before becoming a member of the United States House of Representatives in 1827. Crockett became known for fighting for the fair...