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  1. Plausibility Check: Pre-Columbian Sao Francisco River hydraulic empire?

    The Sao Francisco is a long river that flows from the southeast to northeast region of Brazil, linking the southeastern mountains to the northeast coastal plain via the dry cerrado and even dryer caatinga environments. Historically, it was navigable for much of its length, making an important...
  2. Oba Cahokia

    Hard Times Come Again No More: A Civil War and Reconstruction TL

  3. GameBawesome

    Vikings down the St. Lawrence - Effects on Indigenous Societies.

    The idea of a surviving Norse presence in the Americas is a very popular 'What if'. In an alternate scenario where there was a continuous Viking settlement in Vinland - What is now Newfoundland- is a very interesting subject in alternate history. However, I wanted to talk about one thing...
  4. AHC: A greater Viking presence in Noth America and its impact on native American tribes.

    Imagine if you will, Vikings begin expanding into North America after Leif Erikson's discovery. Aside from how that would drastically alter the course of history as we know it, I'm curious as to how it would impact native American tribes. Aside from predicable conflicts and such, I can't get the...
  5. Oba Cahokia

    How would Native Americans be affected in a Successful Reconstruction?

    Assuming in a TL where the US successfully and permanently enfranchises African Americans, establishes common ground for poor whites and freedman with 40 acres and mule, prevents Voting restrictions (No Poll Taxes or Literacy Tests for anyone) and completely prevents Jim Crow Laws from...
  6. Mexico keeps its original borders. What happens to the natives there?

    Like it says on the tin. Suppose, for one reason or another, that Mexico doesn't lose Texas, California and everything in between those two places to the United States in the mid 19th century. Would the various Native American peoples be treated differently than they were by Washington as a...
  7. The Good Berry: A Wild Rice Domestication TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Good Berry

    Volume 1: The Good Berry Chapter 1: The Good Berry Scientists estimate that more than half of all plants are edible in some form. A scant dozen account for more than 80% of calories eaten by the billions of people alive today. Wheat, rice, maize, bede, barley, and others have been changed by...
  8. Oba Cahokia

    WI: The State of Lincoln and the State of Sequoyah

    What if half of the Indian Territory was divided into Freedman's Territory and eventually became a state in 1910 with Sequoyah?
  9. Lands of Mountains and Eagles

    (Please note, I am new to this. I) Lands of Mountains and Eagles A much more optimistic world for The Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. By Turningbugz
  10. Aluma

    WI: An Universal Norse Religion on the Americas

    I've seen a couple threads on "Viking Islam" - or to describe it more accurately - scandinavian paganism being reworked into a evangelical religion like Christianity, Buddhism & co Though the focus tend to be, as its often the case, Europe and wheter this religion - should it exist - be able...
  11. Oba Cahokia

    What is life like for American Indian, Freedman, Indian Freedman and Enslaved African Americans in a Confederate Oklahoma?

    What would life look like for these for groups what would be present day Oklahoma? Do American Indians get a seat in the national legislature? Do Freedman and Indian Freedman get left alone and stay in their own little corner of the state? Do enslaved people revolt in these areas? What happens...
  12. Sarthak

    Wolfborn: A Native American Timeline
    Threadmarks: OP

    Wolfborn A Native American Timeline I am the wolfborn, the spirit of history, the core of today, and the heart of tomorrow. I am wolfborn of this land. - Old Sioux Poem. Welcome to Wolfborn: A Native American Timeline! Where Natives are given the due focus they deserve with a chance to...
  13. Xenophonte

    WI Native victory at Sitka Battle?

    What would have been the consequences of a Tlingit victory at the Sitka battle and/or successful resistance to the Tsarist expeditionary forces? Either that the Tlingits would have had able to secure their powder supply (without its transporters being blown away) possibly making them able to...
  14. WI: Chief Metacomet (King Phillip) wins King Phillip's War and wipes out English control in New England?

    King Phillip's War was the English name for a conflict between an alliance of Native American tribes in what is now New England and the Snglish settlers. The English settler population was badly hit by the war (obviously the natives were worse hit in the end). But what if Chief Metacomet had...
  15. Plausibility Check: A native state in North America?

    Would it be possible, with a POD after 1520 or so, for there to be a native state in North America that resists European colonization? This is an incredibly tall order, of course, given their relatively small population when compared to places like Mesoamerica and the Andes at the time of...
  16. Ameroboto

    What if all US States have names deriving from local indigenous languages?

    Out of the 50 states of the United States, only 24 of them have names deriving indigenous languages, however, some of those names, such as Mississippi, New Mexico, and Wyoming, have names deriving from indigenous languages that are spoken by neither local nor nearby indigenous tribes. So, what...
  17. architecture2

    The Story of the Anahuacs: A Native American Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prehistory

    Introduction Entry #1, 100,000-6,000 BPD (Before Present Day), Global The Past 100,000 Years, Roughly Although Human Settlement is nonexistent by this point in the Anahuacs and still confined to the origin continent of Yectal [1] (Africa), it is necessary to understand the underlying...
  18. Petike

    Pre-Columbian Native American cultures, PODs and alternate histories discussion
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Greetings, everyone. This thread is a replacement for the apparently concluded thread started in 2019 by Tempered Zen. I intend this thread to be a continuation of that earlier discussion, but in a forum with more impact and with greater longevity. Things to discuss in this thread (friendly...
  19. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: A Successful Postcolonial Mayan State?

    So, I looked up some of the history of the Yucatán on Wikipedia, and it is fascinating. There were a lot of Yucatán independence and autonomist movements from the 18th and 19th centuries, it seems. The Rebellion of Jacinto Canek happened in the middle of the 18th century, and the Caste War of...
  20. Sarthak

    Chinese Discover Alaska and British Columbia in 1410-1412, Sinicization (NOT Colonization) of the West Coast?

    I was reading through Zheng He by Zhou Zibin, given to me by my professor who is from mainland china. In chapter 27 of the book, the book records using ming records that in 1410, a drought in the lucrative fur trade had created a small economic downturn which was negatively impacting the...