1. On Brazen Wings - From the Pseudo Space Race to Independence and Beyond.
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    On Brazen Wings Prologue It was an awfully cold, near frigid Tuesday morning in 1986 when Thomas Paine found himself checking in to a motel, just outside Rockledge, Florida. Normally he would stay closer to the Cape, but tourists in town for the launch were still packing the nearer...
  2. Its_Just_Luci

    Children of Apollo: From the Earth, to the Heavens
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: An Accident, a Tragedy, a Triumph.

    "For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness. What new wonders undreamt of in our time, will we have wrought in another generation, and another? How far will our nomadic species have wandered, by the end of the next century, and the next...
  3. Path to the Stars - An alternate spaceflight TL
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    What would have happened if some major events from the Space Race had gone differently? That's what I want to explore with this series, from all the way from the start. In this TL, my first that ive ever attempted, i will aim to change the timeline as much as possible, and aim to have all of the...
  4. Earthy05

    What if: Apollo 10 landed on the Moon?

    Picture this: May 22nd 1969, commander Tom Stafford and lunar module pilot Gene Cernan bring their LM Snoopy down to within 14km of the lunar surface. Unbeknownst to NASA and the public, they've made an agreement to land on the surface. They do so, and Tom Stafford becomes the first man to set...
  5. Earthy05

    The Bleeding Edge: An Alternate History of NASA

    The Bleeding Edge Chapter 1: Let's Get This Thing Started Pasadena, California, 2019 *Click* “Ok can you say your name and occupation then let’s get this thing started” “My name is Judy Leslieson, former NASA astronaut and geologist professor” “Thank you Ms. Leslieson, let us get underway. Why...
  6. JEF_300

    Timeline Elevator Pitch: Stuck with The Right Stuff

    Hello everyone! I've wanted to do a spaceflight timeline for a while now, and have been kicking around a bunch of ideas for what to do one on. I also have known that I want any spaceflight timeline I make to be pretty high quality. This is a large part of why I decided to just start writing...
  7. BillKerman1234

    To The Constellations (A 1970/80s Soviet and NASA space TL)

    EDIT: I have updated and reposted this post, and it is viewable just slightly further down in the thread.
  8. ThatCallisto

    Small Steps, Giant Leaps: An Alternate History of the Space Age
    Threadmarks: Teaser

    Before we kick things off, a quick teaser... So, I had an idea last year for a timeline centered around the Apollo Program - basically, what reasonable changes could've happened so that more landings occurred. Nothing too complicated. What started out as a small timeline, however, quickly...
  9. JEF_300

    Find a POD: Orion doesn't survive the cancellation of the Constellation program

    So I've been playing around with a conceptual 2010s spaceflight timeline, and the big change is that Orion is cancelled with Constellation, and NASA starts a "Commercial Exploration Program" for commercial lunar crew capsules (SPOILER: They pick Dragon and Starliner). This leads to less money...
  10. Shortline614

    Thoughts on APP Mannned Venus Flyby?

    Out of the many post-Apollo plans, one of the more interesting proposals was the Manned Venus Flyby. Using a single Saturn V, the CSM, and an S-IVB "wet workshop," NASA could have accomplished the manned interplanetary voyage in the 1973-1974 time frame. The mission schedule would look something...
  11. Johnson or Humphrey win in 1968, what happens to NASA?

    So, as I understand it, the 1968 was a pretty close election. If Johnson had handled Vietnam better, it seems to me that he could have won it. And even if he hadn't, had he let Humphrey be his own man, it seems to me that the VP could have gotten the votes to secure the presidency. So what...
  12. The Dream is Alive
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    So,yet another timeline from LordandsaviorKloka, he who is infamous for starting promising stuff and then abandoning it. Don’t blame the man,blame the muse. But your 21st Century Future thing is still on,right? Right. What’s this,then? A timeline where the winds of fortune blow ever in favor...
  13. JEF_300

    Ares I Retained

    I've been lurking around the forum for a couple years now, and read a lot of space timelines here. I bit the bullet and made an account today because I've been privately mulling over this timeline idea for a while, and think I need some help. The basic idea here is that instead of cancelling...
  14. AHC: Bob Zubrin as NASA Administrator

    Let's discusse ways of getting Dr. Zubrin as NASA Administrator and getting his goals achieved: Mars Direct starting between 1990 and 2000, nuclear spaceships, and so on. Are there ATLs here where Dr. Zubrin gets the job and his goals achieved?
  15. BillKerman1234

    Realistic Soviet Lunar program leading to American manned Mars landing preferably without a POD before 1966

    So, I've been wondering what the possibilities are when it comes to creating a timeline for the N1 program that is a) realistic, and b) doesn't have a POD earlier than 1966. So, because I have no actual writing skills, I created this (rather literal) timeline, and I was wondering what some of...
  16. No Space Shuttle

    I was wondering, what is the alternative for NASA, if they do not go for Space Shuttle in the post-Apollo era? The STS seems like a good idea on paper, but with the benefit of hindsight many of its flaws are obvious, and could NASA instead go with more "classical" expendable rockets and...
  17. No NASA: US Military in control of American program

    What if Eisenhower (or another potus, same period) doesn't direct that the main US program be civilian run? How successful would the Air-Force/ Navy space programs be?
  18. SouthernWind

    Reactions to a Soviet Moon Landing

    Let us suppose that the Soviet Union, for a POD of your preference (Sergei Korolev does not die? Vasily Mishin is not chosen as his successor? The URSS take the Space race more seriously from the beginning? Choose the one you like more) manages to beat the United States to the moon, forever...
  19. What if NASA HQ went to Hampton Roads/Norfolk instead of Houston?

    So, I got to do the headline story for the Virginia Gazette and Daily Press for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon... and I came upon a DOOZIE of a what if a lot of folks have been overlooking about early NASA history. Specifically, a lot of folks I spoke with talked about...
  20. BillKerman1234

    Apollo 13 fails while in Lunar orbit?

    Heres an interesting question; what if the oxygen tanks weren't stirred until after the CSM/LEM had entered Lunar orbit? There are two scenarios here: Scenario 1: The CSM explodes before the landing is attempted. This one is fairly simple and boils down to whether or not the LEM had enough ∆V...