1. BillKerman123

    Realistic Soviet Lunar program leading to American manned Mars landing preferably without a POD before 1966

    So, I've been wondering what the possibilities are when it comes to creating a timeline for the N1 program that is a) realistic, and b) doesn't have a POD earlier than 1966. So, because I have no actual writing skills, I created this (rather literal) timeline, and I was wondering what some of...
  2. No Space Shuttle

    I was wondering, what is the alternative for NASA, if they do not go for Space Shuttle in the post-Apollo era? The STS seems like a good idea on paper, but with the benefit of hindsight many of its flaws are obvious, and could NASA instead go with more "classical" expendable rockets and...
  3. No NASA: US Military in control of American program

    What if Eisenhower (or another potus, same period) doesn't direct that the main US program be civilian run? How successful would the Air-Force/ Navy space programs be?
  4. SouthernWind

    Reactions to a Soviet Moon Landing

    Let us suppose that the Soviet Union, for a POD of your preference (Sergei Korolev does not die? Vasily Mishin is not chosen as his successor? The URSS take the Space race more seriously from the beginning? Choose the one you like more) manages to beat the United States to the moon, forever...
  5. What if NASA HQ went to Hampton Roads/Norfolk instead of Houston?

    So, I got to do the headline story for the Virginia Gazette and Daily Press for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon... and I came upon a DOOZIE of a what if a lot of folks have been overlooking about early NASA history. Specifically, a lot of folks I spoke with talked about...
  6. BillKerman123

    Apollo 13 fails while in Lunar orbit?

    Heres an interesting question; what if the oxygen tanks weren't stirred until after the CSM/LEM had entered Lunar orbit? There are two scenarios here: Scenario 1: The CSM explodes before the landing is attempted. This one is fairly simple and boils down to whether or not the LEM had enough ∆V...
  7. AHC/PC: X-15 carries the first human in space

    Plausibility check: X-15 being the first spacecraft to carry human in space, preferably in 1960-1961.
  8. WI: A Space Shuttle Post-Columbia Accident Suffers Heatshield Damage

    So I believe the post-Columbia procedure for all flights but the two Hubble Missions was to essentially abort to the ISS if heatshield damage was detected. What I'm curious about is what would happen to the orbiter and astronauts in such a scenario. Would they keep the orbiter attached to the...
  9. AHQ: Would USS Lake Champlain be still the prime recovery ship had Freedom 7 went up earlier?

    Would USS Lake Champlain be still the prime recovery ship had Freedom 7 went up earlier on March 24?
  10. AHC: Put humans on Mars by this year

    No ASB, and keep the POD after 1900. By the end, have humans walking on Mars by the year 2019. They don’t have to stay long, just a quick walk around is fine.
  11. Earlier far-side lunar landing plans

    In wake of recent successful landing of Chang'e 4, are there any earlier plans by either the USA or Russia/USSR to land a probe or even a man on the lunar far side?
  12. The_Russian

    How would the space race be under Nixon?

    If Nixon won 1960, how would the space race go? Does the US still land on the moon? Do the Soviets get there first? What year would the first lunar mission be? How does NASA develop under Nixon being the 35th President?
  13. THeaven

    Nichelle Nichols leaves Star Trek in 67

    I don't know how much truth about the Meeting between Nichelle Nichols and Martin Luthur King Jr. Really influence her to staying on Star Trek but the idea comes what if King or Nichols missed the NAACP meeting for some reason and she left the role of Lt. Uhura after the first season to go back...
  14. AHC: A better post-Shuttle rocket program

    Since the early years of this century, NASA has been struggling to turn Shuttle-derived hardware into a heavy lift vehicle. It hasn't gone well. Underfunding, politically imposed design decisions and a lack of a clear purpose has resulted in a slow-motion disaster which looks bound to deliver...
  15. AHC: Moon Base

    With no PoDs prior to the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, how can we have a manned base on the moon, or the start of one, within the next 50 years or as soon as possible?
  16. Space Shuttle Challenger in-flight aborts

    John Young once said a Return to Launch Site abort would require a string of miracles interspersed by acts of God. What if, on STS-51L the crew of the Challenger some how realized there was a problem with the SRB, separated from the stack and attempted to either ditch or return to the launch...
  17. prolemasses

    NASA's Waterloo: A Realistic Mission to Mars Post Apollo
    Threadmarks: Teaser

    NASA's Waterloo October 2, 1983 Kennedy Space Center A crowd had gathered at Kennedy Space Center, larger than any seen since 1969. They cheered as the countdown timer approached the final minute. Miles away, on the pad, a white and black rocket glistened on the pad. Though larger, and more...
  18. Bomster

    The Space Program under a Bobby Kennedy Presidency

    IOTL, President Richard Nixon discontinued the Apollo Program and approved the development of what would become the Space Shuttle. However, assuming that Bobby Kennedy either enters the presidential race earlier or survives his assassination, and goes on to win both the primary and the general...
  19. A 21st Century Future
    Threadmarks: Introduction and prologue

    What happened to Bold They Rise? My ideas for that ran out for now. But it isn’t dead. What’s this one about? OBL gets killed in ‘85. A host of changes follows,because butterflies. Buran,eh? This TL is inspired by The Snow Flies, and I had a PM conversation with Nixonshead about...
  20. WI Pioneer I became the first to reach the Moon and beyond?

    What if NASA's Pioneer I became the first object to reach the Moon and beyond instead of USSR's Luna 1? Share your thoughts on this here.