1. bcasi

    Proper Motion: A Wandering Constellation
    Threadmarks: Testimonial: Valerie Alvarado, MSFC

    “Those were a tough couple of months. I say months - it felt more like a couple years. And just a lot of long nights. You can ask my husband, he’s getting ready for bed and I’m still at my desk, writing emails… “We were nervous, all of us were. It was like a big anvil cloud hanging over...
  2. The Dream Survives
    Threadmarks: Post 0: Introduction Image

    The Dream Survives A Space Alternate History by @e of pi, @TimothyC, & @Usili Original Image from Advertisement from Rockwell. OMNI October 1978, p 26 Highest Resolution version from Dave Cross's Flickr "A Spaceship Has Landed On Earth", 2011-07-08 Archived Copy here.
  3. WI: The space program wasn't given to the NACA?

    I found out from this ( that after Sputnik had gone up and the space program was becoming higher on the priority list, there were a few options for how the US would reorganize the space program, the options were: 1. Make a new government agency for...
  4. Lil_Bread402

    Solar Age: A Revolution in Space
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Sun Power

    Hello, SPS is a concept I’ve known for a little under a year but been invested in ever since I discovered it. The idea of building these vast structures to beam power down to the earth just sounded magical to me. Looking further and further into it has finally brought me to a point of...
  5. SingularityG3

    Glorious Dawn: The Two Paths of Spaceflight
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Seeking Remote Globes

    Chapter 1 - Seeking Remote Globes “It is a plain road from the Earth to the stars, though mortal feet cannot tread it.” September 6, 1958 - South Atlantic Ocean The USS Norton Sound, having left the Californian port of Hueneme last month, now remains stationary amidst the frigid waves...
  6. Gaero

    And Now, For Something A Little Different: The Jupiter Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0: A Goldmine

    Hey all. I have recently been motivated and inspired to finally get around to writing that space story I've always wanted to write. Between rediscovering an old rocket (and subsequently realizing I quite enjoyed its looks), and being frustrated with the now impossibility of a 2024 lunar return...
  7. Rocketdyne_J2

    Time After Time: Imprints of the Space Transportation System Booster
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Teaser

    Prologue: "Tap-off" It was the spring of 1981. A whitish visage emerges from the Orbiter Processing Facility. Rolled back on brand new tires, its fresh silica surface sparkles under the power of floodlights. It dwarfs the swarm of people, mostly reporters, trying to get their first peek at this...
  8. What could plausibly keep NASA's funding at a high level?

    Specifically, at ~5% of the federal budget, or a growth past that. I would love it if you could suggest something that hasn't already been explored a lot. I'd also appreciate it if you could provide a very specific PoD.
  9. Antiperson

    KINETIC: The Battle Above
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0 - Foreword

    [ KINETIC: The Battle Above ] Chapter 0 - Foreword Hello everybody! I’d love to share with you this world I’ve put a lot of care and love into. I’ve thought of releasing something of this caliber for a while now so here is my first ever timeline to the forums! I’m very excited to hear what you...
  10. michael92108

    One Foot After Another Chapter 1: Leaps And Bounds
    Threadmarks: One Foot After Another

    Scott Harms woke up in a cold sweat. He wasn’t scared, or nervous. At least he didn’t think he was, it’s not like he’d admit it. Maybe it was because during the previous night, he dreamt about some sort of a speech. He couldn’t really see anything in the dream, not anything memorable, but he...
  11. One Giant Leap: The Voyage Beyond

    Happy Monday Everyone! Today I want to bring you the first chapter in my alternate history story, "One Giant Leap: The Voyage Beyond". A story inspired by my thoughts of a Space Shuttle program that returned us to the moon and took us to Mars. I have often seen alternate history stories that...
  12. Shortline614

    Apollo without the Moon

    When Project Apollo was first considered by NASA in 1960, it was going to be the follow-up to Project Mercury. The program was a lot less grandiose than what we eventually got. Apollo would start with missions similar to those flown during Gemini such as long-duration spaceflight, spacewalks...
  13. SingularityG3

    Glorious Dawn : An Alternate Space Age
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Piercing The Veil

    Welcome, everyone, to Glorious Dawn! This is an Alternate Spaceflight Timeline which should hopefully be factoring in the political landscape of the respective times, To keep everything as accurate as possible. If you see any historical inaccuracies don't be afraid to let me know, I'll try to...
  14. Borb

    Let There Be Fire
    Threadmarks: Prologue: An Ember Is Born

    Alright! Hello! The following is the hyper-evolved headcanon for a replica shuttle program I started work on 4-5-ish years ago in KSP that I realized about 3 months ago I could turn into an objectively banger alternate history with a strangely low amount of effort. That being said, I have 3...
  15. WI: A more competitive US aerospace industry in the early 21st Century?

    So, lately I have been thinking about the potential for a timeline following a different path for the US aerospace where ULA isn't formed in 2005 and thought I'd see what folk thought about my ideas. Some background: in OTL, after Boeing was caught committing corporate espionage to win the...
  16. WI: Space Shuttle is actually very good.

    The space shuttle was intended to provide reliable and inexpensive access to space, however, it failed miserably, being even more expensive than expendable systems, as well as being the deadliest space launch system in history. From Wikipedia: What if the shuttle was developed in a way that...
  17. On Brazen Wings - From the Pseudo Space Race to Independence and Beyond.
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    On Brazen Wings Prologue It was an awfully cold, near frigid Tuesday morning in 1986 when Thomas Paine found himself checking in to a motel, just outside Rockledge, Florida. Normally he would stay closer to the Cape, but tourists in town for the launch were still packing the nearer...
  18. defconh3ck

    Proxima: A Human Exploration of Mars
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Dream is Alive

    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to bring to you a story inspired by my musings of Mars, and the nostalgia for the iconic Space Shuttle. It has been 10 years this year since the shuttle stopped flying, and I have not been able to stop thinking; what else could we have done? What if the Shuttle had...
  19. Its_Just_Luci

    Children of Apollo: From the Earth, to the Heavens
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: An Accident, a Tragedy, a Triumph.

    "For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness. What new wonders undreamt of in our time, will we have wrought in another generation, and another? How far will our nomadic species have wandered, by the end of the next century, and the next...
  20. Path to the Stars - An alternate spaceflight TL
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    Path to the Stars Part 1 Ever since both the Soviet Union and the US had set the goal to launch a satellite in the 1957-1958 International Geophysical Year, the countries had been putting money and effort into that goal. The USA left the goal to the Navy and the Army, Whilst the Soviet Union...