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  1. What if Bismarck died in 1866?
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    Would the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars occur? Wouldn't there be the distribution of Africa (I would like to reflect on this)?
  2. The Fallen Eagle
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    The Orsini Affair Excerpt from The unexpected heir: the life of Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte by Leonardo Ferrari By 1858 the emperor Napoleon III had completely consolidated his power. In his ten years in charge of France he had managed to eliminate most of the internal opposition through...
  3. The American Civil War: The Rule of the Radical Republicans
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    Long time lurker, first time TL poster. For a quick description of what I'm hoping to accomplish is a TL where Reconstruction is truly radical and led by two generals in the White House. While I'm no expert in the Civil War, I've been sure to research at the very least the basics of the...
  4. Enemies and allies of a second Napoleonic war

    A wanked Napoleon III (and later IV after his death) during the Victorian age results in otl's world war being considered the second Napoleonic war. Regardless of the final outcome, what allies could France attract to build a comparable alliance in contrast to a enemy alliance that consists of...
  5. Incanian

    The Bonaparte of Afrika

    Napoleon IV was in exile during the Franco-Prussian war in England, and after the failed war for France, Napoleon IV was eager to seek service in the English army. Though the British were anxious of sending a Napoleon to war, they eventually did, and he was sent to military service in the...
  6. thezerech

    Le Prince Imperial Napoleon IV survives the Anglo-Zulu War

    I was wondering what would happen had Le Petite Prince survived the Anglo-Zulu war? How does he interact with WWI? How does this change the weak nascent Third Republic? One idea I had that is borderline wank was, what if unsatisfied with British dithering in getting him to South Africa he...