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  1. Who would Napoleon II (OTL Eaglet) had marry? Had the French Empire survived.

    Say Naopelon never invaded Spain and didn't go to war with Russia, by dissolving the CS. Thus Napoleon is able to be tolerated by the other countries, He spent his later years on domestic affairs, dies in 1832 from stomach cancer. Napoleon II is crowned Emperor of France, most of the countries...
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  3. BloodAndIron

    AHC: Make Napoleon II Emporor of the Germans

    Napoleon II lived in Austria, and was loved by Emporor Francis, his maternal grandfather. So I have a challenge for you, make him somehow become Emporor of Germany/Emporor of the Germans. Good luck! May use these ideas for a timeline, I'll be sure to credit you though :)
  4. WI: No Bourbons Left To Restore

    What if the French House of Bourbon went extinct before Napoleon abdicated on April 11th 1814? Louis Joseph, Prince of Condé fails to flee France after the storming of the Bastille in 1789. He is executed in the Reign of Terror along with his son Louis Henri and grandson Louis Antoine. The...
  5. What if Napoleon II had Survived and married Adelheid of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

    As we all know Napoleon III was the one who offered to marry Adelheid but was turned down and instead married Eugénie so what if instead of Napoleon III becoming Emperor and offering to marry Adelheid what if instead his cousin Napoleon II had survived and was able to get the throne in 1848 and...
  6. Could Napoleon II have lived longer?

    I was reading about Napoleon II and I found that while he was pursuing his military career, he ended up exercising so much that he weakened body caught Tuberculosis and he died. Would graduating earlier have allowed him to live longer? If not, how else would he have lived longer?
  7. From Lisbon to Minsk - A Napoleonic Alternate Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Great Victory 1807-1815

    This is a revamp of my Alternate History of Napoleon winning Original: *This AH is ongoing and I will be constantly changing things which can vary from small edits to entire sections being added or...
  8. WI Napoleon II survives and escapes Vienna

    Let's say he returns to France during the July 1830 Revolution and is proclaimed emperor. Realistically would all of Europe declare war on France? Let's say second scenario he turns up during the 1848 Revolution and following the footsteps of OTL Napoleon III is elected President and then...
  9. Bonaparte's Butterflies Revamp: A Realistic Napoleonic Victory, Maps and Lore (ongoing)

    This is an overhaul of my previous alternate history scenario. I feel that alternate Napoleonic Victories suffer the same nostalgic unrealism that often plagues WW2 alternate histories. Much like Nazi Germany, France had no realistic chance of invading the British Isle, fully-subjugating...
  10. Niegel

    WI: July Napoleonic Monarchy

    This is a POD that just came to mind: Napoleon decides to stay in Elba despite everything. Meanwhile, in Paris another popular revolt occurs caused by the discontent of the Bourbons that leads to the proclamation of a short-lived Second Republic. This alarms the Coalition which leaves its...
  11. Whipidedius

    A name for a new capital city of France

    I am creating a scenario in which Napoleon won the war and Napoleon II, to centralize power, avoid pressure from civil unrest and protect the political center of France from a possible external invasion, decide to move the capital from Paris to somewhere in the geographic center of the country...
  12. European Map of Bonaparte's Butterflies, A "Realistic" Napoleonic Victory Scenario + Lore

    Edit: Amazingly, this image is up on the top of google images for "Napoleonic Victory Map." If you found it this way (as this thread is moved), please click here...
  13. Duke of Reichstadt

    The Eaglet: Napoleon II, Unbound
    Threadmarks: 1.1 - Late Nights at the Schönbrunn

    THE CHANCELLOR OF AUSTRIA - PRINCE VON METTERNICH Late nights were the rule at Schönbrunn, not the exception. Another letter, another problem. "... And we have been hearing reports of desire for the people in the lower areas of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands to create their own...
  14. Basileus_Komnenos

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline “I envy that boy. Glory is waiting there for him: I had to run after her. I will have been Phillip: he will be Alexander. He has only to extend an arm, and the world is his.”...
  15. GameBawesome

    AHC: Napoleon II, Emperor of France

    Challenge: How can Napoleon II, son of Napoleon Bonaparte, gain the throne of France, and become Emepror of France?
  16. GameBawesome

    AHC: House of Bonaparte remains in power in France

    Challenge: Have Napoleon lose the war, but instead of restoring the Bourbons back to the French throne, have the House of Bonaparte remain the emperor. One possibility is to have Napoleon's son, who's mother was Austrian, Napoleon II become Emperor, with someone was regent until he was old...
  17. Challenge and plea : Napoléon II wank

    Can someone please write a timeline where Napoléon II does not die at the age of 21! Also could you make him king of a large country, any country. With a long and prosperous reign!
  18. A Frenchman in Vienna
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue 22 July 1832 Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria Napoléon François Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Duke of Reichstadt, heir to Napoléon I, King of Rome, lay...
  19. Esprit Du Monde

    Chapter I: Trafalgar and its aftermath - PT. 1: Trafalgar and England's Invasion "Damn you, Nelson! Damn you!!!" - King George III of Great Britain upon receiving the news of the home fleet's destruction at Trafalgar. In 1805, Europe in conflict for a year. Napoleon I of France had by this...
  20. Victoria and Napoleon II marry - and the consequences

    Hi all. If this has been discussed post it please, thanks. I have been studying all of the different possible King, Queen and marriage combinations of England/Great Britain. One that really interests me is a marriage between Victoria and Napoleon II (Napoleon has been defeated by the way). The...