napoleon dies early

  1. AHC:Napoleon conquers the world

    your challenge is to have Napoleon conquer the whole world directly or indirectly
  2. Aluma

    WI: Napoleon III dies between 1860-1861

    It still astonishes me that there was a second French Empire with yet another Napoleon after yet another overthrown Republic Curiously enough he was very sick, from urogenital to fiber dysplasia, dying in 1873 So it makes me wonder... Napoleon III's foreign policy would only become known as a...
  3. Bonaparte's Butterflies Revamp: A Realistic Napoleonic Victory, Maps and Lore (ongoing)

    This is an overhaul of my previous alternate history scenario. I feel that alternate Napoleonic Victories suffer the same nostalgic unrealism that often plagues WW2 alternate histories. Much like Nazi Germany, France had no realistic chance of invading the British Isle, fully-subjugating...
  4. Discussion: Napoleon's early demise

    There were multiple attempts on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte historically, all of which failed, but each of which might have had interesting consequences. Which attempt was the most plausible and/or the most consequential, and why?
  5. Oliveia

    WI: Napoleon died while invading Russia in 1812?

    Essentially, for a timeline I'm working on (Redcoats on the Red Clay Soils), I'm considering having Napoleon die in the Winter of 1812, while trying to invade Russia. I'm doing this, mainly, because I don't want to have another one of those "Everything Outside of North America Remains the Same...
  6. The Water's Wrath: An alternate 19th century and beyond
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - The Water's Wrath

    The Ligurian Sea - 1815 The waters of the Mediterranean swayed in anger as the storms raged across the sea. The waves thrashed and rippled among the walls of the Inconstant. Aboard the ship was a collective of men, including one particular man who had nearly brought the empires and kingdoms...
  7. GauchoBadger

    WI: Louis Bonaparte as French Emperor?

    With a PoD anywhere between Napoleon Bonaparte's coronation as French Emperor in 1804 and the birth of Napoleon II in 1811, how can we make a scenario in which, after an early death of Napoleon, his brother Louis Bonaparte is selected as emperor? How would Louis fare as ruler of France? I hear...