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    Muslim World: The True Faith Timeline
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    Muslim World The Gates of Gaul: Tours The year is 732. A huge moorish army attacks Tours, the battle is bloody, but its commander, Algafeque, is cunning, a cavalry force composed of 3,000 brave knights who had placed Charles Martel in a trap and hiding how many the franks arrived, attack the...
  2. Catholic church falls 1485 to Ottoman Empire

    this is something i've always found an interesting alternate history; was actually theoretically possible. Also writing a novel with this essential premise, so I need some help. Here's the backdrop: Mehmed the conqueror led a few successful campaigns against the Kingdom of Naples, that are...
  3. Why was the Sultan's Jihad not heeded?

    On November 14, 1914, the Ottoman government issued a call to Jihad on behalf of Sultan-Caliph Mehmed V. The summons exhorted the Muslim subjects of the Entente empires to rise up against these powers in defense of Islam and in support of the Ottoman Caliphate. However, this call to Jihad...