1. kasumigenx

    Gers on the Pacific - A Mongolian/Philippines TL
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    Gers on the Pacific In the OTL Princess Sasaban married Raden Wijaya, she started a migration of the Hindu Malays and Javanese in Northern Luzon in this TL this does not happen and the OTL Ibanags and Kapampangans don't exist due to the Javanese migration not happening and we have Malay and...
  2. The Era of the Kite and Rocket
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    Remember Abbas ibn Firnas? Here’s what might have happened if his glider had worked. “He flew faster than the phoenix in his flight when he dressed his body in the feathers of a vulture.”—Mu’min ibn Said The earliest known use for the kite was suggested by ibn Firnas himself: courier. Kitings...
  3. GauchoBadger

    Aftermath of a mongol invasion of Europe

    Assume that Ögedei Khan doesn't die prematurely, and leads a massive invasion across Europe, successfully estabilishing some sort of "european khanate". The state's borders shall encompass all of OTL Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, benelux, Italy without Sicily, Slovenia, Croatia...
  4. Zillamaster55

    Mongol invasion of Japan: What does it take?

    I am in the works of trying to make a post-Genpei War timeline that sees Japan stay unified (no Sengoku period). The main PoD being a successful Mongol invasion that turns Japan into a client state, and thus weakens the Daimyos. However, both invasions were tremendous failures, the first barely...
  5. Semenov in Mongolia/Buryatia

    I know this is the third Mongolia topic I've done, but I've noticed that while Sternberg had become a mini-trope himself, his superior Gregori Semenov never really had been a particular feature of a timeline besides as a footnote. Unlike the mad monarchist, Semenov was a genuine pan-Mongolist...
  6. Indicus

    WI: Mongols in India

    So, Jalaluddin, the son of the last Khwarezmid Shah, was fleeing the Mongol conquest of Persia in 1221, he asked for refuge with the court of Iltutmish, the Sultan of Delhi. However, Iltutmish refused to give Jalaluddin refuge, and in reaction, Jalaluddin ravaged the Punjab contryside - a little...
  7. What if the Mongols sacked Mecca?

    I was wondering what would happen if the Mongols somehow managed to reach and sack Mecca, after the Siege of Baghdad (1258)? Would the Mongols have attacked Mecca? What would be factors that may cause the Mongols to attack Mecca? Also, what would have been the effects of an attack? What would...
  8. Effects of a Mongol Empire colony in Hungary

    If the Mongols had conquered Hungary thoroughly, and settled Cumans, Tatars, and Mongols in the former kingdom, establishing a new khanate which was able to survive and eventually Christianize into a kingdom, then what would the effects be on medieval Europe?
  9. thezerech

    WI: Galicia-Volhynia does not fall or decline? Leading to a surviving Kingdom of Ruthenia?

    What if the Kingdom of Ruthenia (Galicia-Volhynia) does not fall but rather, manages to expand or at least survive until the collapse of the Golden Horde a few hundred years later? When they can safely expand into the former Kyivan Rus'. Perhaps Shvarno manages to hold the Lithuanian throne...
  10. What would a Roman Empire influence by the Mongols look like?

    So in another thread I put forward the idea of a Roman Empire that survived 1204, and then maintained/built upon their Ayyubid alliance to reclaim Cilicia and then Anatolia. This was then followed up with the possibility of the Roman Empire becoming the Mediterranean equivalent of Moscovy - a...
  11. Would Christian Mongols be able to convert their population?

    If alternate Mongols were perhaps 60% Nestorian at the beginning of their conquests, and all the leaders of the Golden Horde, Ilkhanate, Chagatai, Yuan Dynasty, and other hordes were Christian, how well could they spread the religion during the few centuries that Mongols ruled?
  12. WI: Fatimids vs Ilkhanate?

    If the Fatimids had survived until the Ilkhanate, and were as capable as the Mamluks, how would the relations between Sunnis and Shias change?
  13. St. Just

    Was A Russified Mongol Horde Possible?

    Was there ever the possibility of an Orthodox Christianized Mongol leader spinning off the Rus into his own ulus, forming what amounts to a Russifying Mongol Horde, separate of the Volga Muslims? What would this state look like -- the OTL Tsardom, or something entirely different? Calling @RGB...
  14. Cheer

    WI: No Mandate of Heaven

    What if the Chinese did not have the Mandate of Heaven for their emperor? How would this affect China during the Warring States Era or even after such invasions as the Mongols and Huns? What would this China look like today?
  15. The lucky marriage - Alternate history of the Capetian Dynasty

    The lucky marriage Alternate history of the Capetian Dynasty and of the 13th century Europe Motto :“Le roi est le justicier qui amène son people au salut” Saint Augustin “The Capetians in general sought to advance only through legally correct means. They more than any rulers of the time...