1. Seljuks pull an ottoman

    what if the schism was worse preventing crusades. Kilij arslan subdues the danishmends and launches an invasion of balkans with Tzachas bey's ships. This laying the ground work for his successors to evenutally dominate eastern europe and middle east. Later fighting the mongols
  2. Sea of Blood, Sea of Ice--The Mongol Conquest of Japan
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    -Prologue- Shikanoshima (志賀島), Hakata Bay, June 30, 1281 Kim Bang-gyeong stood at the head of the table his makeshift war council stood around, the air still thick with smoke from the gunpowder that burnt corpses and ships alike. It was a familiar sight, bringing up painful memories of the...
  3. WI: Smaller Mongol Empire - no expansion post 1227

    There's a bunch of timelines that either have no Mongol Empire at all, or an unstoppable Mongol Empire that conquers all of Europe, India, and Egypt. But what about a very plausible scenario that's not discussed too often: What if the Mongols, upon the death of Genghis Khan in 1227, decided to...
  4. Where are the historical Genghis Khan tribes today?

    I love history, and when I read historical sources about the history of Genghis Khan, I was surprised to find that most of these historical clans today form the backbone of my nation. Today, historical tribes such as "Naiman, Kerey, Dulat, Zhalair, Katagan, Alban, Kongurat" are among the most...
  5. PC/WI: Second Mongol Conquest of China (Later Yuan instead of Qing)

    The Great Yuan, heirs of Genghis & Kublai, ruled over China for over a century, before being pushed back to the steppes by the rising Ming Dynasty. The remaining Mongols had a mixed relationship with Ming China, sometimes allies & sometimes adversaries, and occasionally rose to even threaten...
  6. Full scale Ostsiedlung

    What if HRE centralizes in Early Middle Ages and expands and Germanizes upto and heavily fortifies the Urals and Caucasus mountain passes by the time mongols came ambushing any invaders will they keep Mongols out europe or will Mongols conquer more of europe ?
  7. Beacon

    Successful mongol invasion of japan

    There were two failed attempts to invade Japan by the mongol Yuan dynasty - one in 1274 and another in 1281. How would history be different if one of these succeeded?
  8. WI: Jamukha as Genghis Khan

    What many people forget is that "Genghis Khan" was not a name, but a title, and a title that could very well have been claimed by a different man. Jamukha was an ally and blood brother to Temujin, and they waged a campaign against the Merkits together. However, their differences and ambitions...
  9. WI: Timur restores the Yuan to the throne of China

    I don't know much about the Timurids but I expect that this would be nigh impossible to do. But say all of the Ming's top generals and administrators get a sudden case of stupid just as Timur starts his campaign and the madman actually manages to pull it off. What happens afterwards?
  10. No mongols

    So just assume Genghis khan was never born or died has a child. What would the effects on history be?
  11. Was it possible for the Song to repeal the Mongols.

    What Pods are needed to make sure the Song do not fall to the Mongols? Or at least keep them at the North China Plain?
  12. The Next Nomads

    Alright so for this topic the basis is that blackpowder is never discovered in 11th century Song China. No one else in China is able to find or properly record it for quite some time, and when they do it just doesn't spread to the west. Now assuming first that the Mongols show up on schedule...
  13. Count of Crisco

    A History of Alyska to the year 1800.

    Thanks to Covid I have had a lot of free time, and have spent it getting back into writing. Among the various projects I have been working on has been an alternate history setting, the timeline of which will appear here.
  14. TheReplicator

    Thriving Goryeo?

    How could Goryeo survive independent and undergo an industrial revolution? Extra points if Goryeo is at least a constitutional Monarchy by the end of it.
  15. Middle East/North Africa without 1204 Siege

    Good evening. As it says on the title what would the Middle East look like if the sacking of Constantinople in 1204 is avoided? For starters either the crusaders avoid Constantinople, and also avoid sacking Zara or at least stay on good terms with the Pope somehow. Regardless the don't get...
  16. Ming Dynasty defeats Esen Choros in the Tumu Crisis

    What if the Ming Dynasty manages to repel an Oirat invasion led by Esen Choros? In OTL, the Ming lost, causing them to lose Ordos and their Emperor to the Oirat. So, was it possible for the Ming to repel the Oirat, and if so, what happens afterward?
  17. Gothicus

    Mongol Byzantium

    The idea of the Mongols (or an independent Mongol warlord) taking over Constantinople, adopting Greek traditions, converting to Orthodoxy, and subsequently establishing a new Eastern Roman dynasty during the 13th century is commonly brought up, but how and when could this happen, and who could...
  18. WI: Khwarezm allies with the Mongols

    While the Mongol conquest of Khwarezm was notoriously brutal, it wasn't Genghis Khan's intention to go to war. He wanted trade, and possibly an alliance. What if he'd gotten one? How would things be different?
  19. GauchoBadger

    WI: Xiongnu victory at Mobei (119 BCE), no splintering of Xiongnu courts?

    The Battle of Mobei in 119 BCE, waged between the confederated nomadic tribes of the Xiongnu and the Han Dynasty of China, might as well have been one of decisive consequences for all of the Eurasian landmass. As a result of the Xiongnu defeat in this engagement and, ultimately, the Han-Xiongnu...
  20. Aurantiacis

    Most and long-lasting Mongol Remaining States

    I am aware that some Mongol descendant polities (i.e. Khaanate of Crimea, Kokand, etc) existed until pre-modern times, but how can we stretch the last political vestiges of the Mongol Empire to it's greatest extents and have direct descended states of the Mongol as much as possible and last as...