molotov-ribbentrop pact

  1. WI: Hitler dies on 8/24/39

    Let's say that for whatever reason Hitler dies the exact day after the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was signed and Goring takes over. With the invasion of Poland planned to occur a week later, what are the major implications of the fuhrer dying so suddenly? Would the invasion be delayed a month to...
  2. BurkeanLibCon

    War makes for Strange Bedfellows – A Second World War timeline
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    War Makes for Strange Bedfellows – A Second World War timeline "Only in firm co-operation with a Great Russia will Germany have the chance of regaining her position as a world power" - Hans von Seeckt, February 1920 “If for fear of making an alliance with Russia we drove that country into...
  3. Double-Edged Sword: The Nazi-Soviet Alliance in World War II
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    So... I suppose this TL requires some introduction. My PoD is very simple- ITTL, Britain and France declare war on the Soviet Union as it invades Poland in 1939. This initially leads to some even darker defeats for the Allies, but it also gives the Nazis an inflated idea of their own strength...