ming dynasty

  1. Ming conquer Indian Ocean

    Ming China's Yongle Emperor sent maritime expeditions under Admiral Zheng He to establish imperial control over the maritime trade, to bring the maritime trade into the tributary system and to force foreign countries to comply with the tributary system. But the expeditions were stopped to divert...
  2. WI Tokugawa conquered China

    The POD is instead of turning isolationist Tokugawa develop a navy on par with Korea and launches amphibious invasion of later Jin. Later they vasalize Korea. The finally invade China after Shun dynasty collapses the Ming Dynasty and divide it among the clans of Japan How will this affect the...
  3. Another “cosmopolitan” Chinese dynasty?

    The Tang dynasty is often called “cosmopolitan” due to its openness to trade, new ideas, expansionism, embrace of Buddhism, etc. The Song dynasty was also another period where trade was a major focus in Chinese civilization. During the Yongle Emperor’s reign, this too was obviously an applicable...
  4. PC: Beijing falls to the Mongols in the 1550s?

    So I found out a few days ago about Altan Khan, a powerful Mongol ruler who led several raids into Ming China's northern borders and attacked Beijing's suburbs in 1550, with the wikipedia article on him saying he actually laid siege to the city but providing no other information about it other...
  5. Restoration of the Great Ming: A Tianqi Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1626

    Zhu Youjiao, the Tianqi Emperor 朱由校 天啓帝 In May 1626, a series of incidents took place whose details even today remain obscure. It is important to note that few people in the imperial court of Beijing were fond of Wei Zhongxian. A eunuch, apparently of dissolute background, he had clawed his way...
  6. Taunay

    WI: Spanish invasion of China

    -http://www.samuelhawley.com/imjinarticle3.html Even though it's extremely unlikely, what if Philip agrees to this and Spain invades China in the late 1570s? What would be the impacts in either Ming China or Spain? @Xenophonte @Kurt_Steiner @Metempsychosis @Sceonn @Aluma @holycookie
  7. PC/WI: Second Mongol Conquest of China (Later Yuan instead of Qing)

    The Great Yuan, heirs of Genghis & Kublai, ruled over China for over a century, before being pushed back to the steppes by the rising Ming Dynasty. The remaining Mongols had a mixed relationship with Ming China, sometimes allies & sometimes adversaries, and occasionally rose to even threaten...
  8. GameBawesome

    WI: Wanli Emperor gets his way.

    In OTL, the Wanli Emperor had a dispute with his court, where he make his son, Zhu Changxun, to succeed him as Emperor. However, the court opposed this, wanting Zhu Changluo, future emperor Taichang Emperor to succeed him. Then the Wanli Emperor stopped in his government duty, practically...
  9. PC/AHC/WI: Could foreign support allow the Ming to survive the Qing?

    Could the Ming Dynasty get reliable support from a foreign power in order to defeat the Manchu invaders? Assuming some European nation is able to lend the Ming support would that be enough to give the dynasty a new lease on life? What nation could help the Ming? Would it require a POD for a...
  10. Ursogulos

    Under wings of the Zilant: a Golden horde timeline
    Threadmarks: Really close call

    Ramadan 742 ( February 1342) Sarai, Khanate of the Golden horde sigh of relief Tini Beg was tensed the entire night, not knowing whether the harbingers of death will bring him good news. Perhaps Allah knows what's best and he should quit being a scaredy-cat. This morning he'll finally see the...
  11. GameBawesome

    Latest date to save the late Ming Dynasty?

    The late Ming Dyansty, to put it politely...was a mess. Silver inflation from Spain, corruption in the imperial court, economic downturn, incompetent or short-lived emperors, factionalism, eunuchs, peasant revolts, the Japanese, and famines that all showed signs that the Ming Dyansty lost the...
  12. GameBawesome

    WI: Renyin Plot succeeds-Jiajing Emperor dies

    Jiajing Emperor was said to have been a cruel and neglectful emperor. He did a lot of Taoist Alchemy, to make himself immortal. A lot of these alchemy involved palace women, and a lot of the test were cruel to them. IN 1542, this lead to the palace women to conspire and murder the emperor...
  13. Storms of the Eternal Blue Sky: The Yuan Restoration

    What if the Northern Yuan retook northern China, and restored the Yuan dynasty? Mongol TLs are relatively rare, especially ones post-Yuan or post- the collapse into independent khanates, so I'd though I'd start my first TL based on the POD of 1517, where in OTL, despite the odds, the Ming...
  14. Donglin Academy takes power

    What if after the death of the Wanli Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the Donglin Academy is more successful in gaining influence in the court and possibly pushing for reforms? What kind of reforms will they undergo and what will the future Ming Dynasty look like with a Donglin-influenced Ming Dynasty?
  15. Ming Dynasty defeats Esen Choros in the Tumu Crisis

    What if the Ming Dynasty manages to repel an Oirat invasion led by Esen Choros? In OTL, the Ming lost, causing them to lose Ordos and their Emperor to the Oirat. So, was it possible for the Ming to repel the Oirat, and if so, what happens afterward?
  16. What do you think was the "point of no return" for the Ming dynasty?

    There are many who believe that, with the benefit of hindsight, we can tell when a nation's fall became inevitable. But there's almost always debate on exactly when things became bad enough that recovery was impossible. I've heard a lot of debates about this when it comes to a whole number of...
  17. AHC: Surviving Ming dynasty

    Your challenge is to have the Ming dynasty last until at least 1700.
  18. Who else could conquer China in the 17th century?

    Are there any groups other than the Manchu that could've defeated the Ming dynasty in the 17th century and conquered China?
  19. WI: Timur survives to invade China

    Timur was preparing for a war against the Ming dynasty when he died in 1405. What if he'd survived to carry out his planned invasion? EDIT: Sorry, wrong forum. Could a mod please move this?
  20. WI/AHC: Modern-day Imperial China?

    Inspired by Hendryk's Superpower Empire China. The premise of it is about what if Imperial China survives into modern-day Post-1900s, whether be it survival of the Qing Dynasty today or replaced by Han Chinese dynasty at one point how looked like and fares in times of modernity? How it'll...