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  1. Smaller Mexico, fragmented New Spain (Gran Colombia but in Mexico) - Better outcome?

    Most Alt-history narratives explore the scenario of Mexico remaining a vast "empire", potentially rivaling the United States in power. This speculation is cool indeed, but here I would like to think about a smaller Mexican State. At the time of its independence, Mexico was indeed enormous, and...
  2. A Brief Overview of the Mexican-Mormon wars (1851-1862)

    The War between the Mexican's and the Mormons has gone mostly unnoticed in most of the Western World especially in the Anglosphere. Yet, in the Catholic World and in Latin America Especially the Mormon War is seen as Mexico's Answer to the Thirty Year's War. A War between a Growing Protestant...
  3. Nothing For Which to Apologize: Ambition and Loathing in the New South
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    Preface Years ago, I started work on a novel, The Devil and Harvey Hill, that told the story of a Confederate victory from the eyes of four historical characters: Robert Smalls, Confederate General D.H. Hill, OTL spy and probable Lincoln conspirator Sara Slater, and an obscure carpenter and...
  4. Count of Crisco

    The Great Game: Napoleonic France without Napoleon: Supplemental TL for a naval game.

    Hello, this timeline is sort of an auxiliary to a naval building game myself and @Virginia Liberal will be running over the coming months which puts players in charge of one of several navies of the nations in this alternate timeline. The game begins in 1890, but as we have developed a...
  5. WI: Ferdinand accepts Mexican crown

    What if Ferdinand VII had accepted the position of King of Mexico when it was offered to him, establishing a personal union between Mexico and Spain? What would be the impacts on Spanish and Mexican politics? How would it affect the rest of the Latin American revolutions? Could the Mexican model...
  6. jacksonkelly_art

    DESCENDANTS OF THE BOATS - Great Powers of Latin America TL

    Before You Read This is an alternate history series documenting the creation and the conflicts surrounding The former colonies of a much more powerful, rich and democratic Spanish Empire. How these more stable and established States came to build their national mythos, and build a new...
  7. Legacy of the Magnanimous
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    From “Independência ou Morte: A History of the Empire of Brazil” by Paulo Branco The birth of Pedro’s son and heir apparent, Dom Alfonso, in 1845, was celebrated throughout the Empire. Alfonso was even nicknamed “o príncipe perfeito”(the perfect prince), just like his father “o magnânimo”(the...
  8. LatinoDavid

    Discussion: Leopold of House Saxe-Coburg-Saafield as Emperor of Mexico?

    My first Post Thread! Have Mercy Plz! Now this might be more as a major imperial mexico wank. However is it possible for Leopold (IOTL Leopold I of Belgium) to accept the the throne of Mexico? If so, what would have to be changed in order to do so? Granted most what I know of Leopold is from...
  9. Sarthak

    Equity & Justice: An Imperial Mexico Timeline
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    Sigh, Another Timeline? Yes. Well, get on with it, what's it about? My attempt at a realistic Mexico-Wank with the Second Mexican Empire Succeeding How will you update this TL? Dunno. I have exams going on, and I wrote this after I got too tired from studying.1 update per 2 weeks is what I seem...
  10. What if the Second Mexican Empire supports the Confederates?

    I thought that, after a victory in Puebla, the second Mexican empire was established and intervened in the American Civil War. For the affinity of many confederates supported the French intervention and therefore the empire of Maximilian. Although I also think that the Confederates will demand...
  11. Sarthak

    Archduke Charles, Duke of Teschen and Emperor of Mexico

    After the Treaty of Cordoba, wherein Ferdinand VII took the offer of the Mexican Crown with a grain of salt and forbid any bourbon from accepting it either, an offer was sent to Archduke Charles the Duke of Teschen, the famous duke who had defeated Napoleon in Aspern-Essling. OTL, the offer was...
  12. Sarthak

    How to get a successful Second Mexican Empire and what are its consequences?
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    Now a Second mexican empire has been a hot topic for many years on this forum, and i am really interested in it admittedly. Now, i have done *some* intensive research on the matter in the A levels on north american history, so managed to make a somewhat plausible scenario in which Maximilian I...
  13. DBWI: Mexico becomes a republic

    The Old World is commonly thought of as a place of monarchies, and the New a place of republics. While this is generally true, there are exceptions in both cases. One of these is the Mexican Empire. What if Mexico had ended up becoming a republic?
  14. Gigachad3k

    what are the best ways on how to achieve a better-off Mexico?

    There are a multiple ways in which Mexico, which would have had the similar economic potential early in the mid-19th century to early 20th century as Japan, South Korea, Australia, US and Canada, did could have infinitely become better off than the mess it has become in the past 100-plus years...
  15. JuanmaSingh


  16. Plausibility: Second Mexican Empire from 1848 under Augustin II?

    Is it possible, in the aftermath of the U.S./Mexico war, to have the eldest son of the deposed post-independence Mexican monarch take power? He was a field commander in the war with the U.S. in OTL. What might the consequences of this be?
  17. GameBawesome

    WI: Ferdinand VII accepted the Crown of Mexico

    In 1821, after the Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire, the Mexican congress offered Ferdinand VII to become Mexican Emperor, and establish a sort of Commonwealth with Spain and Mexico. But he refused. What if, Ferdinand VII did accept the Crown of Mexico, and became Emperor of...
  18. Juan, Count of Montizón as Emperor of Mexico

    In the lead up to the French intervention in Mexico which installed Maximilian as Emperor of Mexico, it was proposed that Juan, Count of Montizón be offered the crown, which in OTL he declined. Would Emperor Juan of Mexico, already too liberal for the Carlists, have been more successful than...
  19. Cinco de Mayo
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    Cinco de Mayo (Source: Wikipedia) (2022 Turtledove Winner - Best Colonialism and Revolutions Timeline) Table of Contents Part I: Point of Divergence (May 5, 1862-1864) Part II: Redrawing the Map (1865-67) Part III: An Age of Questions (1868-77) Part IV: The Liberal Ascendancy (1878-89)...
  20. Odinson

    What if France didn't intervene in Mexico during the 1860s?

    As the titles says, what if France never invaded in 1864? How does Mexico develop? EDIT: 1861, not 1864