map request

  1. [Request] Filling in Antarctica's topography into an old basemap.

    For the sake of completeness, could someone here try and fill in Antarctica's topograhy into this elevation map? Specifically with the ice on it intact, like with greenland on this map. I mean, this is a very old map. What bugs me is that for all these years, the topographical worlda map that...
  2. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    Here is the new Map and Flag Request Thread II. The old thread, posted in 2012(!), has now reached 500 pages. This is the old thread And these are the revised rules and some helpful links:
  3. The Grudge Keeper

    Does anyone have a map of Pangea Ultima?

    As it says in the title. I'm planning on using it on an ASB TL I'll be making. Preferably, it's B_munro and PNG.
  4. Small Map Request

    I don't usually do this, because I used to be able to make my own maps pretty well, but these days I lack the motivation, so I'm hoping someone will help me out. It doesn't need to be fancy and I'm not able to pay for it, so I guess I'm hoping for someone's good graces here. :) If anyone is...