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  1. Sārthākā

    Conflict in the Mountains.

    Recent writings of a RAW chief showed that India planned an invasion of Terai of Nepal in 1971 after Nepal formalized trade relations and military connections with the PRC. However due to Indira Gandhi's jingoistic attitude and the fairly small yet modern Nepali Army at the time, The Indian...
  2. WI: Mao Zedong dies in 1956

    What if Mao, like Lenin before him, had died seven years after coming to power? How might this have altered the course Mainland China might've taken?
  3. Imperial Advocate

    AHC: Sino-American War starts during the Korean War

    What if the Chinese intervention to save North Korea from the UN forces led by the United States causes huge tensions and this escalates into a war between the PRC and the USA. Nukes can be used for tactical use but this doesn’t escalate into WW3. American Alliance: United States Japan South...
  4. Nationalist Victory TL:
    Threadmarks: Chapter One

    In this TL, the point of divergence comes when Chiang Kai-shek ignores George Marshall's call for a cease-fire and continues the offensive against Mao and his Communists in Manchuria. Note: I have no Chinese-language skills whatsoever, so I am reliant upon Google Translate. If I make a mistake...
  5. GauchoBadger

    WI: Sino-Soviet War in 1969?

    So, basically, what if the geopolitical divorce between the USSR and Maoist China in the late 1960's had actually escalated to war, rather than being isolated to a few border skirmishes? Which side would be most likely to win? From the looks of it, the PRC had a large army on paper, but i hear...
  6. WI:Mao Anying lives?

    Mao Anying was Mao Zedong's only son who was either was dead or seriously disturbed. He was killed in the Korean War by U.S forces. Apparently, Anying may have had disagreements with his father over the Soviets, but I am unsure what kind of role he would play during the Cold War if he lived.
  7. Chinese (Autonomous) Soviet Socialist Republic

    How small would any Chinese Soviet Socialist Republic have to be to be a member of the USSR? And how much smaller would any Chinese Autonomous Republic have to be to be a part of the RSFSR? Considering Mongolia, with all its closeness to the USSR (its nominally sovereign president was purged...
  8. Mao dying in the Yangtze in '66, what would happen in China?

    As the title says: if Mao would for whatever reason die the 16th of July 1966 while swimming on the Yangtze on Wuhan, what would have been the possible scenaries on China at the start of the Cultural Revolution?
  9. The Militant Doberman

    AHC: a “Maoist” North Korea & a “Soviet” North Korea

    During the OTL Cold War North Korea managed to play both China and U.S.S.R. against one another, receiving aid from both without committing itself to a fully to either. However, there were factions within North Korea that wanted to see the nation align with one of its bigger neighbors (I’ve...
  10. Can Mao’s China Conquer Mongolia After The Chinese Civl War?

    After Mao takes power in China, is it possible for him to invade Mongolia and annex it? Can this happen without the USSr threatening to go to war over this? And if so when’s the best time for Mao to do so?
  11. Bomster

    Democratic China?

    I know that this might be an AH cliche but was it ever possible for China to become a democratic nation at any point in the twentieth century?
  12. The Lethargic Lett

    WI: Hua Guofeng retains power as Paramount Leader of PRC?

    Following the death of Mao Zedong, Hua Guofeng, a moderate in the Communist Party, became Paramount Leader. Guofeng quickly removed the radical "Gang of Four" from becoming a threat, but he was eventually outmaneuvered and removed from power by Deng Xiaoping and his reformer faction. So what if...
  13. WI: Chiang Kai-Shek and the Nationalist Kuomintang were able to win the Chinese Civil War?

    I think this could be an interesting concept, I'd imagine that there's already been some threads revolving around this question but I personally haven't seen any. First off, this COULD have happened, especially if the U.S.A. had been more supportive of the Kuomintang and if they were able to win...
  14. Could the ROC have ever retaken the mainland?

    With a POD after the end of the Chinese Civil War, would the ROC have ever been able to retake at least some of the mainland and hold it? OTL the ROC developed plans to retake the mainland, but the US actively opposed any such plans. Even during the Korean War and the Taiwan Straits crises of...
  15. HaroldGodwinson

    Take the Cromwell/Franco/Pinochet Challenge

    The challenge is simple. Take a brutal bloody dictatorship in last few centuries, and replace it with a less bloody one that eventually leads to more freedom. Rules 1. Figure out when the coup/counter-revolution will start. 2. Figure out who will lead it. 3. How much less bad can it be than the...
  16. Is a Maoist-US alliance Feasible?

    In December of 1945 George Marshall was sent by Truman to broker a compromise between the KMT under Chiang Kai-Shek and the CPC under Mao Zedong. Historically, he was able to reach an agreement with the two that lasted a mere six months or so before Chiang launched an attack on Mao that would...
  17. The Warlords' Return: What if Mao never ended the Great Leap Forward

    I am currently trying to create an alternative history story involving Chinese history. My premise is: what if Mao never ended the Great Leap Forward. I want it to be as accurate as possible. However, I also don't have any more ideas for the story, so I would really love anyone's help. Any...
  18. Soviet further West than OTL after WWII; what about Asia?

    Let's suppose Stalin manages to go further West than OTL (maybe the Rhine, Austria and bits of Jutland); how would the supplementary territory taken in Europe influe on the war in Asia? Would Japan surrender sooner, fearing to be invaded by the Soviet Union? Would Mao win sooner? Or will the...
  19. XFE

    AH Question: Who was the best succesor to Mao?

    We all agree that Mao was the most unable leader in mid 20th century China, but if Mao dies in 1955, who would best be able to reverse Mao's blunders? Zhou Enlai pops immediately to mind as his strongest succesor, but what does think?