1. Can Japan hold Manchuria without Sino-Japanese War?

    Suppose that Japan stopped short in Manchuria. Marco Polo Bridge Incident or the equivalent never happened, Japan become less expansionist (might be due to oil discovery in Manchuria). Eventually Chiang will finish his business with the communist and would be pressured to deal with Japan. In...
  2. Bomster

    AHC: Give Puyi back his throne!

    The last emperor of China was swept away from his throne as a child, and conspired with the imperial Japanese to try to reclaim it. Doesn’t matter what POD you use, whether it be the survival of the Qing Dynasty or a restoration, make Puyi emperor again!
  3. Incanian

    AXIS VICTORIOUS!!!! What happens to Pu Yi, and Manchukuo?

    So in an Axis victory, what would be the fate of Pu Yi, and Manchukuo. I was always thinking Pu Yi would have the ambition after the Japanese victory to try to unify China under the Qing, as a sort of Qing restoration. that's just my opinion. But in an Axis victory, what do you think would...
  4. Gukpard

    Does this surviving Manchurian empire looks accurate?

    It has been taken from the Fatherland mod for Darkest hour, while it is a game, I think you will be interested. Here their description: When the honorable Kwantung Army crossed the Yalu in 1931, no one would have thought that the entire future of Japan would rest in these provinces. In these...
  5. CountofDooku

    The Co-Prosperity Sphere
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Tokyo Conference

    Chapter 1: The Tokyo Conference: The Japanese Empire felt betrayed ever since the Nine-Power Treaty of 1922, that was affirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China and the Treaty for the Limitation and Reduction of Naval Armament of 1930, so that it later would not be a part of...
  6. Zachariah

    What if the Japanese discovered the Liaohe oil field?

    The Liaohe Oil Field is located in the northeast of the Bohai Bay Basin, with its northern, eastern and western parts surrounded by mountains, while the southern part extends into the waters of the Liaodong Bay, in the Liaoning Province of China (which came under the rule of the...