1. Economic consequences of a truck bomb attack against Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange

    As a result of the July 7, 2005 suicide bombings on the London Underground and an intercity bus, in addition to dozens killed and hundreds injured, the value of the British pound fell to a 19-month low against the US dollar and the FTSE 100 fell 200 points for the two hours after the first...
  2. WI The Imperial Regiment of Foot guards

    The British Army's regiments of Foot guards are perhaps the most famous military units in the world. Instantly identifiable by their red tunics and bearskin hats the five regiments of guards are famous for both for their ceremonial roles in London and for their legendary battlefield successes...
  3. Least Populous London?

    I made a previous thread attempting to discuss it but I made the question too broad in an attempt to attract more conversation. In 1939 London reached a peak of 8.6 million; in the 1980s, it went as low as 6.8 million. Today, it is on the precipice of 9 million. With a POD of 1945, try to create...
  4. iPolytheistic_tsar

    How to make the UK less London heavy?

    So, is there anyway the UK could end up with London not being so big/holding so much of the country’s population? Be that through having other cities be larger or have the population remain more rural? This isn’t about the country being politically dominated by London either, just the actual...
  5. WI; Jack the Ripper caught, and is a woman?

    How would it have impacted the British/Victorian national consciousness if the first major serial killer in modern history is 1, caught, and 2 discovered to be a woman? If this alternate 'Jane the Ripper' went on to give interviews before her inevitable execution where instead of more...
  6. SealTheRealDeal

    Alternatives to Toronto

    Toronto (then still known as York) becoming the capital of Upper Canada, later Ontario, in 1797 was is some ways a fluke. At the time the argument was between two other sites, with a third in de-facto contention. London: the Governor's pick Governor Simcoe wanted to place the colony's capital...
  7. What Would You Need To Have An Actually Effective Blitz & Pearl Harbor & What Would Be The Main Consequences ?

    I know the two aerial attacks were very significant in the war, but they weren't effective as they were planned. What would need to be different/changed to have a successful and considerably meaningful impact on the German-Japanese war effort?
  8. AltoRegnant

    Winchester As English Capital?

    OTL, England didn't really have a fixed point of government in its infancy, as was normal for such kingdoms. However, as Wessex grew to dominate southern britain, so too did its premier city, Winchester become important, with London and Essex as the other prominent cities. However, according to...
  9. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: George VI was killed during the Blitz?

    Hey all, So, George VI refused to leave Buckingham during the Blitz, opting instead to stay in London with his subjects. On 13 September 1940, the King and Queen were very nearly killed, when a German bomb exploded in the courtyard at Buckingham Palace while they were still there. What would...
  10. AHC: Keep London's 1889 boundaries

    Your challenge is a tricky one. Have London keep it's County of London boundaries.
  11. WI: Kennedy remains in London

    As said in wikipedia, Kennedy went to his first trip abroad in 1935, going to London with his parents and his sister Kathleen. He intended to to study under Harold Laski at the London School of Economics, but bad healthy forced him to go back to America, going to Princenton and after that to...
  12. Great Fire of London was even worse

    What if the Great Fire of 1666 had been much worse than in OTL? Let's say it for some reason lasts some time longer and consumes not only all buildings within the city walls as well as reaching as far east as Whitehall, burning the palace itself to the ground
  13. WI:Bonaparte follow Paoli, Napoleon born in London

    I was reading about the history of Napoleon’s father, Carlo Bonaparte,(don’t ask me why) and he was an personal assistant of Pasquale Paoli, that after the annexation of Corsica by France, go to the exile in London. Carlo, in contrast, go to French side and get a job in the local administration...
  14. deleted

  15. Franzi the Hero

    Franzi the Hero Chapter 1 Franzi sat as high as he could on his “tree” and watched the proceedings. Of course it wasn’t real tree, there wasn’t room for that, but you had to make do. It hadn’t been a good summer. The weather wasn’t quite right and there seemed to be something wrong with the...
  16. CJD

    Portals of London blog So I came across this blog the other day of various fictitious supernatural encounters in well, London. Though the stories cover other stuff like ghosts, cryptids, time travel shenanigans, etc. there are quite a few posts detailing alternate universe/history based...
  17. Calcaterra

    AHC: The British Land On The Moon

    Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to make it so that British Astronauts land on the moon, and explain the ramifications of such a landing.
  18. Command and Control. The story of the British Capital Authority

    Chapter One: Building Blocks October 1945 10 Downing Street Attlee sat at the centre of the cabinet table pouring over documents with a sense of melancholy. He was exhausted and slightly irritated. He had come into power promising so much and was now facing the full horror of rebuilding...
  19. Town of Eyam breaches quarantine in September 1666, restarting plague in time for Fire of London

    I just stumbled across an interesting story (in a book about water of all things). During the Great Plague of London in 1665, goods sold by a plague victim reached the small town of Eyam. Apparently fleas on some of the clothing managed to jump to the population and plague began spreading...
  20. Sam Biswas

    What if the meteor that hit Tunguska hit London instead?

    What if the meteor that hit Tunguska in Russia had landed a few hours later and hit London instead? What would have been the effect on the British Empire if it's capital had been vaporized? The effects on Europe and the world in general?