1. AHC: Substantial Nineteenth-Century (Or Early Twentieth-Century) Christian Settlement in the Levant/Holy Land

    In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there were a few attempts by European Christians to settle in the Holy Land or Palestine, whether by the initiative of religious sects such as the German Templer Society or through settlement organizations such as The German Association of...
  2. Tutush the Great: A timeline of a United Levant

    Hello people! this will be the start of the Tutush timeline as i promised!
  3. A United Levant against the First Crusade?

    So, for some time i had this idea. As you may know, the First Crusade was a clusterball of disasters somehow succeeding. One of the main reasons for their success, if not *the* main reason, was Muslim disunity. The area between Constantinople and the Sinai was perhaps the least united it had...
  4. What would a Parthian Syria/Levant look like?

    Suppose that Parthia manages to finish off the moribund Seleucids before Rome does. They were on the verge of doing so during the reign of Phraates II, but his plans were shelved by a major crisis on their empire's eastern border: nomads from Central Asia launched raids deep into Parthian...
  5. Nell_Lucifer

    Jerusalem turned over to the Vatican after WW2

    While reading about the ratlines and organizations that helped facilitate the movement of German people from Europe to Argentina during and after WW2 I stumbled upon this paragraph. This obviously did not materialize as the Germans lost the war and the seriousness of the proposal was probably...
  6. Hittites pull an ottoman after bronze age collapse

    Hittites survive the bronze age collapse by defeating the sea peoples and subduing the kaskas. Hittites create a near monopoly on iron. They conquer Egypt, Mesopotamia, Caucasus, Levant and Grecce emerging as the strongest power in world
  7. Al-Za’im

    Christianity in a Byzantine Levant

    Assuming that by some set of circumstances, Heraclius is able to repel the Arabo-Islamic incursions into the Levant; effectively cementing the Levant as part of Rhomania for centuries to follow. Without the permeation of Islam, Christianity likely reminds the dominant faith within the region...
  8. WI Ottomans collapse in Great Turkish war of 17th century

    What if Ottomans collapsed in Great Turkish war of 17th century. Louis XIV doesn't intervene and start the nine years war and Holy league takes Constantinople and with the largest sources of troops i.e., Europe gone and local governors declare independence who will takes which province ? will...
  9. Hashemite-ruled Syrian vassal state?

    During the later stages of the Great War, Faysal ibn Husayn (later King Faysal of Syria then King Faysal of Iraq, attempted to negotiate an arrangement with the Ottomans under which he would rule the vilayet of Syria and Mosul as an Ottoman vassal, claiming he had been disillusioned with the...
  10. Abd ar-Rahman II

    Palestinian autonomous state inside the Ottoman Empire

    A little clickbaits title but was his the best case scenario for Zahir al-Umar state in what his southern Levant ?
  11. Abd ar-Rahman II

    WI : Syrian Victory At The Battle of Maysalun 1920

    Let’s say the battle of Maysalun https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Maysalun turn on a total disaster for the French with most of the army killed or captured something like the battle of Annual the Pod isn’t really important but would be something like Faisal more determined to fight...
  12. Post 1800 Nationalist ideologies in the Fertile Crescent and Levant?

    Suppose the Ottoman Empire met its end earlier, could something other than pan-Arabism emerge as the dominant nationalist current in the Levant and FertileCrescent, like Phoenicianism in Lebanon?
  13. Abd ar-Rahman II

    Saladin Take Tyr in 1187 / Wank the Ayyubids
    Threadmarks: Crusade

    Saladin manage to take Tyr in 1187 due to Conrad dying of illness before setting of to the holy land and pure luck what are the effect the on the third crusade ?
  14. Spain Focuses on North Africa, the Middle East, and the Ottomans Instead of Europe

    Instead of putting so much money and resources in getting involved with European conflicts (probably means not getting into a union with the Habsburgs), what if Spain (during the 16th, 17th, ... centuries) decides to not be so involved with Europe and instead focus its energies in North Africa...
  15. WI: Sassanids conquer Roman Levant in 260s

    In one of history's many turning points, Odaenathus, the lord of Palmyra, led a patchwork army against the forces of Shapur I, the second Sassanid king, in 260 AD as it was marching back to Persia. The Persians has just won a mighty victory against the Romans, even capturing the emperor Valerian...
  16. Višeslav

    How does Saladin not ruling egypt affect the crusader states?

    Saladin's role in more or less removing catholic forces from the holy land is often very much hyped up. He is seen by many as the saviour of the Islamic world from Christian invaders. Now I don't believe in the idea that a great man alone is enough to shape history so drastically. What I'm...
  17. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Fakhr al-Din II estabilishes an independent Lebanon?

    Fakhr al-Din II of the Ma'an dynasty was a Druze political leader active in middle Syria during the early 17th century, notable for uniting the Maronite and Druze groups of modern Lebanon in a military effort against the Ottoman administration of Syria. At a time, he apparently held sway over...
  18. United Arab nation and its demographics

    So, what is the latest possible pod for a united Arab nation? At minimum, this nation has to include Arabia, the Levant, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Sudan. Other territories are allowed, but these are manditory. And assuming this nation formed and stayed stable, here are some questions... How...
  19. WI: Levant under industrialized Ottomans

    Based from the thread which is about Egypt. This time, it'll be about the Levant (which is Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan) region under the rule of the successfully industrialized Ottoman Empire. The scenario is where the Ottoman Empire industrialized earlier than OTL and doing a good...
  20. AHC: Expanded Decapolis and Greco-Roman Levant

    The Decapolis (Greek: Δεκάπολις Dekápolis, Ten Cities) was a group of ten cities on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire in the southeastern Levant. The cities were grouped together because of their language, culture, location, and political status, with each functioning as an autonomous...