lee harvey oswald

  1. What if Oswald also shot the driver of JFK's motorcade?

    So, this is a question I've been thinking about for quite a while. What if after shooting JFK in the head, Lee Harvey Oswald decided to shoot and kill William Greer, the driver of the president's motorcade, delaying the admission to the hospital? Would Roy Kellerman try to remove Greer's body...
  2. WI: President Strom Thurmond

    The origins of this fragment of a TL lie in the backstories I have written for my 'Stories from a Changed World' TL. This bit seemed to stand on its own so I have edited it to remove the ASB elements and now post it here. It won't go any further, but if you want to see the ASB version look at my...
  3. Anarcho-Occultist

    DBWI: Connally lives, Kennedy dies

    In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was visiting Texas Governor John Connally in Dallas. While there, an ex-Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald shot at a van taking Connally and Kennedy through Dealey Plaza. Kennedy survived the incident with only minor injuries while Connally was not so fortunate...
  4. Would Oswald Have Tried to Kill Nixon?

    In his memoirs, Richard Nixon contended that had he won the 1960 election he wouldn't have been assassinated like JFK. But how true is this claim in reality? Kennedy was in Dallas on 11/22/63 to lay the groundwork for his 1964 re-election campaign, build up some Southern support for the Civil...
  5. Hulkster'01

    WI: Both Kennedy and Oswald lived?

    what if both assassination attempts on their lives had failed? Would Oswald eventually confess to it all? What would be the theories now that Oswald is living and had failed once again to kill someone important? What is sentence after his trial? How does this affect the 1960’s with JFK living...
  6. WI Oswald avoids J.D. Tippit

    So being a Texas Police Officer, this part has always made me wonder. Oswald basically got caught as quickly as he did because he shot Officer Tippit (well that and a shoe store clerk following him). So if he avoids Tippit, any clue what happens?
  7. Chapman

    WI: Kennedy Assassination as Act of Communist Terrorism?

    While Lee Harvey Oswald was largely pro-Soviet, his ultimate motives for assassinating JFK were nonpolitical in nature. But what if it had been determined that Oswald had in fact been a part of a larger, domestic, Communist terror group, and that this killing was done in the name of said group...
  8. WI: Jack Ruby is pardoned

    I know this is pretty ridiculous but I'm not going to put it in ASB because it's in the realm of physical possibility and that's for the likes of Time Travel and wizards, but what if Jack Ruby was pardoned by President Johnson for killing Kennedy's assassin? What would the immediate fallout be?
  9. Jaguars4life

    DBWI:Oldest living former president John F Kennedy has died

    OOC: POD is that John F Kennedy never gets Addison's disease I am sad to wake up to the news that the one of our best presidents John F Kennedy died in his sleep at the age of 99. Kennedy of course has the record of being the oldest former living president in history. We all know about his...
  10. Pokemon Master

    Camelot Continued: A "Kennedy Survives" Collaborative TL

    April 10, 1963: At his home in Dallas, Texas, retired U.S. Major General Edwin Walker is shot and killed by a 23-year-old man named Lee Harvey Oswald. April 11, 1963: In the early hours of the morning, Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested by the Texas Rangers and charged with murder. April 25, 1963...
  11. Chris Oakley

    AH Vignette: Orientation Day

    Good morning. My name's Carlton and I'll be your training supervisor for your first week here at the museum. Since this is your first day on the job, we'll focus on getting you familiarized with the museum layout and the basics of what you'll be doing as a tour guide here. First let's get you...