korean reunification

  1. KuboCaskett

    PC: Korean-Japanese Cold War post-1945

    It is no secret that Korea and Japan (or rather both Koreas and Japan) have a lot of beef with each other since the Imjin War in the late 16th century and it seems like they'll remain rivals for years, even decades, but what if they became rivals on par with Saudi Arabia vs. Iran in that they...
  2. DBAHC: Keep Korea divided

    On 20 December 1991, just six days before the collapse of the USSR, North and South Korea re-unified under a democratic government, forming the united Korean state as we know it today. Your challenge is to find a PoD which will prevent the reunification of Korea. Go!
  3. AHC/WI North Korea wins the korean war and unifies the peninsula?

    What could happen in order for the DPRK to win the war? What ramifications could this cause? Japanese rearment? Non juche Korea? Would this Korea be more like Vietnam rather than the Kim's memeland? How would this impact on China and the USSR? Effects on USA?
  4. WI Korean Reunification with a 'normal communist' North Korea?

    Let's suppose Kim Il-sung dies before he can consolidate power or simply gets outmanoeuvred by one of the other factions in the Workers' Party of Korea in the power struggle of the early 50s. That means no cult of personality and no Kim Dynasty, as Kim Jong-il is still way a kid and way too...
  5. Clinton's Korean War
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The North Korean Nuclear Crisis, 1985-1994.

    Here's the first chapter of my new TL that I've been working on for a while. Clinton’s Korean War Chapter I: The North Korean Nuclear Crisis, 1985-1994. By the end of the administration of President George H.W. Bush there were mounting concerns about North Korea’s nuclear program. Starting...