korea stronk

  1. KuboCaskett

    PC: Korean-Japanese Cold War post-1945

    It is no secret that Korea and Japan (or rather both Koreas and Japan) have a lot of beef with each other since the Imjin War in the late 16th century and it seems like they'll remain rivals for years, even decades, but what if they became rivals on par with Saudi Arabia vs. Iran in that they...
  2. SealTheRealDeal

    WI: UN victory in Korea

    Say Mao determines that he's being long con'd by the Soviets a decade earlier than OTL. He is accordingly unwilling to fight the Soviet's war for them, and instead his build up of forces on the border just disarms the communists fleeing across the Yalu. How does united Korea develop?
  3. Good POD for a Meiji Korea?

    I wanna have a aggressive Christian Meiji Korea for my Timeline. How do I do that?
  4. TimTurner

    AHC: Korean-based nation conquering Japan (and vice versa)

    It is well known Toyotomi Hideyoshi tried and failed to conquer Korea. I'm yet to hear any evidence that the Joseon (or any of their predecessors) tried the same, or if any Japanese rulers before or after Toyotomi Hideyoshi tried to do so prior to the late 1800s. Regardless, what would be needed...